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Exceptionally Delicious Homemade Chicken Pies…

Featuring one of life’s most savory and delicious comfort foods, join with those who have discovered the “from-scratch” meat pies that are made at Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pies.

Surrounded by Amish farmlands in the heart of the PA Dutch countryside, this family owned and operated business uses special mouth-watering recipes that are making their beef, chicken, and sausage pies more famous with each passing year.

From the humble beginnings in their Amish farmhouse kitchen to a USDA inspected commercial enterprise, the quality and taste of their pies remains the same, even as the distribution has increased from one market stand to multiple stores and farm markets throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

You are always invited to stop by the Zook’s retail store to stock up on these quick and easy meals that are tasty and nutritious too!  In addition to meat pies, Zook’s has a nice selection of specialty food items, including beef and chicken stock.  For those who are traveling, packaging material is available for keeping your purchases cold for the ride home.

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Phone: (717) 768-0239
Address: 3427 Lincoln Highway East Paradise, PA 17562
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Collage of Zook's Chicken Pies' Products
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In addition to their three signature meat pies (beef, chicken, and sausage) and soup broth (chicken and beef), Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pies carries a variety of other local favorites, including a full line of Welsh Mountain canned goods, Little Barn Noodles, Mrs Miller’s Pasta Sauce, Beanies BBQ Sauce, and more.

In addition to their retail location, where the pies are made, Zook’s Chicken Pies can also be found at these locations…

-Countryside Roadstand near Ronks
-Dutch Country Poultry at Root’s Market
-Eby’s General Store in Martindale
-Homestyle Pantry in Columbia
-Hummer’s in Mount Joy & Bird-in-Hand Market
-King’s Grocery in Georgetown
-Old Bakery House in Narvon
-Pine View Dairy near New Danville
-Stoltzfus Meats in Intercourse
-Zook’s Roadside Stand near Gordonville