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Tindall’s Virgin Timbers

With a reputation that extends beyond the borders of PA, Tindall’s Virgin Timbers is a trusted and well-stocked source for reclaimed building products.  Located in Peach Bottom, near the southern tip of Lancaster County, this hidden gem has been serving their valued customers for over 35 years.

From timbers, joists, and rafters to flooring siding, and paneling…the Tindall warehouses are filled with an extensive inventory of 18 and 19th Century products that bring unique beauty and timeless character to discerning homes and offices.  Whether the focus of your project is structural or decorative, Tindall’s skilled craftsmen bring new life to reclaimed pieces that come with a storied history, including photographs of origin.

As an essential hallmark of their company’s vision, Tindall’s has always been committed to sustainability, long before it became a “movement.”  With lots of available stock to choose from, they offer millwork for project specifications.

In addition to “all things wood,” Tindall’s has a limited supply of architectural salvage, featuring one-of-a-king aged building products and decorative accents.

Tindall’s Virgin Timbers
700 Nottingham Road
Peach Bottom, PA 17563
(717) 548-2435
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Tindall’s Virgin Timbers is open and looks forward to hearing from you…

Monday – Friday 8:30am until 4:30pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday





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