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Garden Path Soap

If you enjoy authentic and unique hidden gems, your joy and surprise in discovering Garden Path Soap of Bird-in-Hand will be unsurpassed!  It is an abundant treasure trove of homemade, all natural soaps that are handcrafted in small batches since 2003, containing only the very best in ingredients with no animal by-products.

As your body’s largest organ, skin works not only to protect but also to absorb nutrients and expel toxins.  Because of this, they believe what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.

From herbal lye options to extensive natural glycerine varieties, you will thrill at the quality, selection, and value that makes Garden Path a return destination for so many satisfied patrons.  Their goal is to bring the earth’s healing and restorative nature to you by using high quality, all natural ingredients in their products.

Located in the heart of PA Dutch Country, just off Rte 340 (Old Philadelphia Pike) in Bird-in-Hand, Sylvia Fisher also has a full line of richly scented palm wax candles and an every-increasing range of quality homemade herbal products.

Garden Path Soap
342 Beechdale Road
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
(717) 668-9842…leave message

Our Hours…

Garden Path Soap & Herbal ProductsGarden Path Soap is open and looks forward to your visit…

Monday 9am until 5pm

Wednesday – Friday 9am until 5pm

Saturday 9am until 4pm

Closed Sundays & Tuesdays

Closed all Christian Holidays


Our Herbal Lye Soaps…

Herbal-Lye-Soaps-1Garden Path Soap herbal lye soaps are no ordinary soap.   They are a handmade soap, bringing you all the special qualities that only a handmade soap can.  They are made of pure saponified oils, including: Olive oil for a soft, enriching quality.  Palm oil for a rich, smooth lather. Coconut oil for cleansing strength.  They then combine these oils with special ingredients like cream butters, herbs, and other high quality oils for their healing value.  Their process is unique and done in small batches and each bar is then hand cut.  Fresh cut bars are cured and air-dried for 3-6 weeks, allowing them to harden naturally before being sold for use.


Herbal-Lye-Soaps-2Select from these wonderful varieties, for any and every need:

Honey Oatmeal (soothing to sensitive skin)

Lavender Shea (calming & relaxing)

Aloe & Comfrey (healing & soothing)

Plantain Bug-Away (sensitive for itchy skin)

Gardener’s Soap (tough on soiled hands)

Herbal-Lye-Soaps-3Shampoo Bar (mild & luxurious)

Cocoa Butter (healing to dry, chapped skin)

Lavender (soothing & calming)

Sweet Orange (best seller—sweet & tangy)

Vanilla Goat’s Milk (extra creamy with oatmeal added to exfoliate)

Herbal-Lye-4Patchouli Dreams (radiating scent that relaxes with oatmeal flakes for exfoliation)

Goat’s Milk & Almond (rich & creamy)

Chamomile (soothing & calming)

Orange Blossom & Honey (sweetly exotic)

Simply Soap (mild, plain bar for fragrance sensitivity)

Green Tea & Honey (natural antioxidant & anti-bacterial)

Coffee Deodorant Bar (with baking soda for serious hand washing needs)


Herbal-Lye-5Cinnamon Clove (for shaving & spicy bath)

and Laundry Bar (use to pre-treat stains).

In addition, we stock laundry soap flakes, which is great for all your laundry needs…brightening whites when pre-soaked.





Our Natural Glycerin Soaps…

Garden Path Soap is known and loved for their natural glycerin soap…choose your favorite variety and select the designs you like most.  Below are photos of some of their varieties…

SandalwoodRosemaryMuskMulberry Fresh-Lemon Pine-Forest













Here is an alphabetical list of most of their glycerin varieties…Bay Rum, Black Raspberry, Cranberry,Country Apple, Country Clothesline, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Fresh Rain, Gardenia, Honeydew Melon, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Lilac in Bloom, Lily of the Valley, Moonlight Path, Mulberry, Musk, Rose Petals, Rosemary, Pears n’ Berries, Peppermint, Peach Mango, Sandlewood, Sweet Orange, Vanilla, and White Diamond.

Our Loaf Block Soaps…

Lye-Loaf-Soap Buy glycerin and lye soaps in a loaf block and save money!  Easily cut the loaf into your own preferred size bars.










Our Gift Packs of Soap & Candles…

Primitive-Gift-SoapsYou and your friends will enjoy Garden Path Primitive Gift Packs of Soap…hand cut glycerin soap, decorated with primitive ribbon and a tin star.  Packaged in a cello bag and closed with a tiny wooden clothes pin.  Comes in 7 assorted colors…red, yellow, peach, blue, green, lavender, and vanilla.



Palm-Wax-CandlesOur Palm Wax Candles are made from an all-natural complex blend of tropical plant oils that are environmentally friendly.  They are hand-poured and are richely scented..clean burning with only lead-free wicks used.  They come in half-pint glass containers with a gold lid and in numerous fragrances.


Our Lotions…

Garden Path Soap makes lotions that  keep your skin soft and properly moisturized.





Our Herbal Products…

Garden Path Soap features a variety of quality herbal products including salves and balms that are all natural and safe.  In addition, they offer a nice line of herbal jellies that you are sure to enjoy.

Our Soap Kitchen…

The products made by Garden Path Soap is made on-location, in their soap making kitchen.



Our Gallery…

Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local 6 Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local 5 Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local 4 Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local 4 Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local 3 Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local 2 Garden Path Soaps Bird in Hand PA Lancaster County Amish local 1 SnowflakesGingerBreadMan Swimming-Ducks Garden-Path-Wall-3


Garden Path Soap is easy to find, just off Rte 340 (Old Philadelphia Pike) in Bird-in-Hand.

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