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Uptown Petz

Uptown Petz Lancaster County PALocally owned and family operated by Bob and Lara, Uptown Petz Lancaster County PAthe goal of Uptown Petz is to ensure that everyone who visits their store has a personal and pleasant shopping experience, not the “chain store run-around.”  Conveniently located at the new Landis Valley Shops, north of Lancaster, stop by and check out their huge selection of Holistic, Natural Food and Treat Products for dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals.  Schedule a time to pamper your pet at Geri’s Pet Salon, located within Uptown Petz.

Uptown Petz
2351 Oregon Pike Suite 103
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 945-7505

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**Vaccine Clinics held monthly at the Store for dogs & cats**


Hours of Operation

We are open to serve our customers:
Monday thru Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Closed Sunday

Pet Food and Supplies

We have a large variety of products including Natural Foods and Treats. If you happen to need something we do not carry we will special order products to satisfy your needs…click HERE To see all that we have to offer.

Grooming by Geri

Geri’s Pet Salon 


Pet grooming available in store by appointment! Evenings and Saturday appointments available, too.Personalized service for your pet!Grooming starts with a bath, so that your pet feels good and smells nice – plus it can help improve the condition of your pet’s skin and coat. By providing one-on-one attention, your pet is more relaxed and can even learn to tolerate or enjoy the grooming process. Being groomed by the same groomer repeatedly helps build a bond of trust.We recommend a frequent grooming schedule for your pet. Letting too much time go by between groomings often results in matting. Dematting can be a painful process. We will only brush out or demat small mats that can be removed painlessly and in a very short period of time.If the matting is more severe or causes the pet discomfort to brush out we will opt to shave the mats out, taking the rest of the coat to an appropriate length.Grooming Services Include:

  • Bathing, using high quality specialty shampoos
  • Ears cleaned and plucked, if necessary
  • Breed appropriate styling
  • Clipper cuts and hand scissor finishing
  • Nails Clipped

real Deals from Uptown Petz

Click HERE for the current specials from Uptown Petz…your local pet store.







Your locally owned and family operated pet store.
Uptown Petz Lancaster County PA


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