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The Old Country Store… Cooking Accessories, Artisan Creations, and More

Originally constructed in 1833, The Old Country Store is the oldest store in idyllic Village of Intercourse.  Complimented by a captivating ambiance and historic aura of yesteryear, this hidden gem is a must-experience discovery for any visit to Lancaster County.  Along with a huge selection of locally made quilts, fabrics, and crafts…The Old Country Store features an impressive collection of cooking accessories, artisan creations, and a wide range of country store varieties.

The “Foodie in You” will thrill with your visit to The Old Country Store…where you will find an amazing collection of kitchen wares, cooking essentials, and savory eats.  If you are among those who love handcrafted food, you will find the tools needed to make captivating meals, from cookbooks to seasonings.

Is it time to add a splash of design and creativity to the living spaces in your home?  Explore the eclectic artisan creations that are on display at The Old Country Store.  From handcrafted soaps and home remedies to old fashioned candies and homemade preserves, this local find offers a quintessential step back in time.

The Old Country Store
3510 Old Philadelphia Pike
Intercourse, PA 17534
(717) 768-7101

The Store…

The Old Country Store is open and looks forward to your visit…

Monday – Wednesday 9am – 5pm

Thursday 9am – 9pm

Friday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Closed Sunday
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Kitchen Wares, Cooking Essentials, Savory Eats…

Whether you are an aspiring chef or a seasoned cook, you will appreciate the wide selection of kitchen wares, cooking essentials, and savory eats available at The Old Country Store.  From time saving gadgets to specialty food cookbooks, from locally canned preserves to delicious soup mixes…your kitchen can be fully equipped, ready to make amazing culinary creations.

Artisan Creations…

Your life and home awaits the beauty that comes from locally handcrafted creations, made by skilled artisans and presented by The Old Country Store.  From pottery to jewelry…browse the heirloom quality pieces that are perfect selections for yourself or for meaningful gift buying for family and friends.

Traditional Varieties…

From handcrafted soaps and home remedies to old fashioned candies and homemade preserves, The Old Country Store offers the quintessential step back in time that you would hope for.

Quilts, Fabrics, & Crafts…

The Old Country Store carries an awe-inspiring variety of quilts, fabrics, and handcrafts…explore the possibilities!

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The Old Country Store is located in the heart of PA Dutch country, in the center of the Village of Intercourse.


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