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Specialty Meats

Specialty Meats Gourmet USDA Inspected Beef Local Organic Fresh Delicious Lancaster County PAIf you are among the discerning food lovers of the world, you thrill at the chance to find hidden food gems…those specialty and gourmet food venues that prepare and present food as an art form to be experienced, not just eaten.  Embark upon your food search and find adventure by taking in these real Lancaster County suggestions…you will love these locally owned and family operated businesses that specialize in the authentic and the unique.

Esbenshade Turkey Farm 
109 Esbenshade Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-7631
Well known as America’s oldest turkey farm, Esbenshade Turkey Farm is a true Lancaster County original, which is famous for their moist and tender meat. Located in the rural community of Paradise, they raise up to 8,000 Broad Breasted Whites each year. Their cage-free turkeys are always free of growth hormones and fed an all-natural vegetarian diet mixture of corn and soy, growing to an average 10 to 30 lbs.

The Savory Gourmet 
53 N. Broad Street
Lititz, PA 17543
(717) 625-1949
Located near the square in the historic town of Lititz, The Savory Gourmet is a one-of-a-kind specialty foods destination that really has no equal in Lancaster County or in regions beyond. They feature fine cheeses, steaks, burgers, sausages, ribs and many other unique items. Choose from a variety of exotic meat choices including pheasant & chicken sausage, wild boar bacon, ground alligator patties, smoked elk & pork jalapeńo cheddar bratwurst, kangaroo jerky, and an assortment of bugs.

Lancaster Farmhouse at Central Market Lancaster Farmhouse Central Market
23 N Market Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 224-9493Located in the center of Lancaster City at historic Central Market, Lancaster Farmhouse offers discerning customers a wonderful selection of charcuterie style meats, artisanal cheeses, and hand-carved sandwiches. This hidden gem is one of Lancaster County’s newest must-visit food destinations and is quickly capturing the loyalty of those who appreciate the convenience, selection, and quality of market house shopping.  Their fully stocked Farmhouse stand includes their own reserve cheddars, cold-smoked cheese varieties, and a wide variety of deli meats from Riserva Pancetta to PLancaster Farmhouseroscuitto.

Weaver’s Turkey Farm  
154 W. Farmersville Rd
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 354-9136
Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Weaver Turkey Farm maintains a reputation for good value and customer service that sets them apart.  Raised free from any growth hormones, all turkeys sold are fed an all-vegetarian diet of corn and soy feed mixture. The size of the turkeys range from 10 to 30 lb without any added solution and are available fresh and frozen year-round.

Rocky Ridge Meats 
245 Hartman Bridge Road
Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572
(717) 687-6328
With a commitment to serving customers with excellent service and quality selections, Rocky Ridge Meats welcomes you to visit their newly constructed custom butcher shop near Strasburg. Family owned and operated, their exceptionally clean facility allows them to maintain high standards for consistent, custom butchering of meats, featuring the efficient and quality processing of beef, pork, and venison.

Appel Valley Butcher Shop 
531 Beaver Valley Pike
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 947-4241
To the happy delight of meat everywhere, Appel Valley Butcher is filling custom meat orders and stocking their meat case each week with the very best quality fresh and smoked meats. This hidden gem hand-cuts all of their meats (USDA Choice or higher), makes all of their sausage varieties in-house, hand-mixes their gourmet burgers, and slow smokes all of their hams, bacons, meat sticks, and bolognas.

King’s Fresh Meats Green Dragon Farm Market 
955 North State Street
Ephrata, PA 17522
King’s Fresh Meats at Green Dragon Farm Market is your one-stop destination for fresh cut meats.  From fresh cuts of beef and pork to country sausage and cured meat sticks, from a variety of cheeses to deli meats…King’s has just what you need for your family meal planning in the upcoming week or you can buy in larger quantities for freezer storage.  Of course, King’s is always a reliable market stand for locally sourced favorites, including scrapple (puddin), Glick’s Homestyle Sauerkraut, John F. Martin Butter, and Meadowcreek BBQ Sauces.  Visit the King’s other market stand, CeKing's Fresh Meatsnter Aisle Produce, for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Farmersville Butcher Shop
37 West Farmersville Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 354-5094
Farmersville Butcher Shop is one of Lancaster County’s favorite destinations for fresh cut meats, quality deli items, bulk food varieties, and essential grocery supplies…all at reasonable prices.  Join with the generations of regular customers at Farmersville Butcher Shop, a traditional neighborhood meat shop that offers friendly, old-fashioned service in a fast-paced world. They specialize in the sale of their own farm-raised USDA inspected beef, which is grain-fed and free of added hormones.  Bulk orders are welcome and cut-to-order requests for fresh beef can be placed any day of the week for Friday Farmersville Butcher Shoppickup at the Butcher Shop, where they preserve the traditions of yesteryear.

Hummer’s Meats & Cheese 
408 East Main Street
Mount Joy, PA 17552
(717) 653-0369
In the midst of a chain store era that depends on advertising gimmicks, Hummer’s Meats & Cheese has earned and faithfully maintained a loyal following of satisfied customers through their tireless commitment to quality, freshness, and service.  Locally owned and family operated, Hummer’s has been Lancaster County’s reliable source for the best in smoked meats and cheeses.  Shop at the retail store or stop by their Picture 4market locations…Root’s County Market, Bird-in-Hand Market, and Broad Street Market.

New Holland MeNew Holland Meatsats
1016 W Main Street
Blue Ball, PA 17506
(717) 354-4593
New Holland Meats has been serving locals of Lancaster County and PA Dutch Country visitors since 1927. From hand-cut meats, fresh-made sausages, and sugar-cured bacons at their market stands to premium beef jerky and quality meat sticks that are distributed nationally, this hidden is a preferred location for locally sourced meats and tasty specialty products.  The next time you are visiting Lancaster County, make sure to visit the Beef Jerky Outlet, which features a wide variety of jerkies that are distributed nationally under the Pony Express Foods brand.  Visit New Holland Meats at Green Dragon MNew Holland Meatsarket on Fridays.

Gene Wenger's MeatsGene Wenger’s Meats & Fine Foods
935 Groff Avenue
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 367-8864
Since 1986, Gene Wenger’s Meats and Fine Foods has been establishing a brand of valued tradition in Lancaster County. Locally owned and family operated, their name has become synonymous with their famous ham loaf.  Their store features a full range of fresh meats, homemade frozen dishes & casseroles, delicious bbq, and a fully stocked deli.  Making family dinners are never easier when you stop by Gene Wenger’s…you will always find something that will satisfy everyone’s taste and preference.  Join with those who make this hidden gem their weekly destination for high quality, fresh meats…including all varieties of beef, pork, Gene Wenger’s Meats and sausage.

Sensenig Poultry and Specialty Foods
843 Furnace Hills Pike
Lititz, PA 17543
(717) 626-2410
Sensenig Poultry and Specialty Foods offers appreciative customers a full range of fresh and frozen meats, ingredient-rich casseroles, homemade frozen dishes, savory bbq, and a fully stocked market and delicatessen.  In addition to their poultry and prepared foods, you will appreciate Sensenig’s market fare varieties, including a nice selection of homestyle baked goods, gourmet snacks, and canned preserves.  When you stop by Sensenig Poultry, making family dinners will never be so easy aSensenig Poultry Specialty Foodsnd delicious… you will always find something that will be sure to satisfy everyone’s taste and preference.

Zook's-Homemade-Chicken-PiesZook’s Homemade Chicken Pies
3194 Harvest Drive
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-0239
Surrounded by Amish farmlands in the heart of the PA Dutch countryside, Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pies uses special mouth-watering recipes that are making their beef, chicken, and sausage pies more famous with each passing year.  You are always invited to stop by the Zook’s retail store to stock up on these quick and easy meals that are tasty and nutritious more info...too!  In addition to meat pies, Zook’s has a nice selection of specialty food items, including beef and chicken stock.


Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy 
694 Country Lane
Paradise, PA 17562
(717) 442-9208
Located in the heart of Lancaster County’s Amish countryside, Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy provides their valued customers with locally grown, certified organic, nutrient dense, grass fed, and free range selections. Their meats and poultry are GMO & Soy free and have no added hormones or antibiotics. In addition, Dutch Meadows features other organic & natural products including peanut butter, maple syrup, and raw honey.  Stop by the farm store or visit their market stand to enjoy true farm-to-table Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy more infogoodness. Join with those who purchase state-inspected raw milk in returnable glass bottles or plastic bottles.

Meadow Run Farm
727 Rettew Mill Road
Lititz, PA 17543
(717) 733-4832
Are you looking for a reliable supply of locally sourced natural meats? Is it a priority for you to purchase foods for your family that are hormone and antibiotic free?  Meadow Run Farm believes in raising their animals with plenty of green grass, fresh air, sunshine, and whole grains.  They raise them naturally and treat them humanely from beginning to end.  All products sold by Meadow Run are GMO-free and include pastured chicken and turkey, 100% grassfed beef and lamb, pastured pork, and eggs from heritage hens. In addition to their own frozen meat, they also feature raw milk & cream, artisanal raw milk cMeadow Run Farmheeses, and butter from other farms.  They also carry a wide range of bulk foods & oil, raw honey, and maple syrup.


Country Meadows Farm Country Meadows Farm
Lancaster Central Market
23 N Market Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 224-9493
Locally owned and family operated, Country Meadows Farm is a first generation farm that is committed to raising wholesome foods for families who are concerned about what they eat.  From fresh ground to all varieties of roasts, steaks, and other cuts…all beef purchases are guaranteed to be pure grass fed and free from any added antibiotics and hormones.  The pork at Country Meadows is raised in their woodlot pastures, where they have plenty of room to roam.  Pasture raised chicken is available year round and always fresh during the summer months.  Other selections include pasture raised turkeys at Thanksgiving, pasture Country Meadows Grass Fed Meatsraised lamb, and rabbit.

Myer Springdell FarmMyer Springdell Farm
Pasture Raised Beef
1955 Beaver Valley Pike
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 806-1882
Located on 30 picturesque acres of unspoiled farmland in the heart of Lancaster County, Myer Springdell Farm is your local source for USDA-inspected, pasture-raised beef.  If you appreciate the tasty and tender qualities of grass-fed beef and if you prefer to eat meat without hormones or antibiotics, then you will thrill with your every field-to-table purchase from this unique hidden gem.  All purchases of beef are by special order only and are available through pick-up or local delivery.  Monthly bundles are also available.

Meadow View Dairy Store 
172 South Farmersville Road
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 656-2261
Surrounded by chemical-free pastures, where their Jersey Cows are free to graze, Meadow View Jerseys is your destination for fresh-from-the-farm certified raw milk and small batch cheese varieties made from raw milk and aged for more than 60 days. All featured cheeses at Meadow View are natural, free of added hormones, antibiotic free, and/or vegetarian approved. In addition, they carry natural yogurts and naturally cultured butter.  Market fare items sold at the store include bulk baking supplies, natural snacks, homemade preserves, and chemical free produce that is locally grown. In addition, stop by for quality grass-fed meats thaMeadow View Jerseyst are organic or natural…including beef pork, and chicken.

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