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Simply Ghee

Simply Ghee Lancaster County PASimply Ghee Lancaster County PAFor serious food lovers, Simply Ghee offers discerning palates the indulgence of rich creamy butter in a form that is amazingly tasty and very nutritious.

Handcrafted in the heart of Lancaster County, Simply Ghee is produced from 100% organic grass-fed, unsalted, sweet cream butter…with no grains, no corn, and no soy.  Simply defined, Ghee is the purified eSimply Ghee Lancaster County PAssence of butter!

Through a gentle heating of the butter, the removal of lactose (sugars) and caseins (proteins) takes place, leaving behind pure, golden oil known as ghee. Join with those who have incorporated the benefits of ghee into their daily diet. Because the milk solids and moisture are removed, Simply Ghee does not need to be refrigerated.

Whether you are a trained master chef or just aspire to have more culinary creativity, Simply Ghee adds to the innovative repertoire of any home cook.   They offer four varieties of ghee, including Original Style, Honey Ghee, Black Garlic Ghee, and Sriracha Ghee.

Simply Ghee…A Better Butter

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Story, Products, & Online Ordering…

Simply Ghee Owned by locals who have a passion for great tasting foods that are also healthy, Simply Ghee is committed to handcrafting small batches of Ghee using a slow-cooking process that requires great attention to detail.
Click HERE to learn more about the Simply Ghee Story.
Do you wonder what Ghee actually is?  What is the difference between Butter and Ghee?  Why does 100% grass-fed matter?
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Stores that sell Simply Ghee…

Each of Simply Ghee’s four varieties are sold at a number of fine food stores in Lancaster County, throughout Pennsylvania, and in surrounding States.
Click HERE for a current list of locations where Simply Ghee is sold.
Find Simply Ghee at these hidden gems featured on the Real Lancaster County website…

Oasis at Bird in Hand Market Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.53.08 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.55.43 PM


Recipes & Tips…

Are you ready to try Ghee but aren’t sure what recipes to use?  No problem…visit the Simply Ghee Website for an amazing selection of savory recipes!  Click HERE for Great Tips on using Ghee.

Black Garlic _ Roasted Garlic and Parm Bagel Close Up IMG_0179 Grill Black Garlic Cheese _ Roasted Tomato Soup IMG_0195 Roasted Yam with Honey Ghee and chives IMG_0185


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