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Farmhouse Memories…Scrapbooking, Fabric, & Miniature Quilts

Farmhouse Memories scrapbooking storeFarmhouse Memories Paradise Lancaster County PASurrounded by bountiful Amish farmlands in eastern Lancaster County, Farmhouse Memories provides their happy guests a comprehensive collection of scrapbooking supplies, a full line of quality fabrics, and an assortment of miniature quilts and quilt making resources.

The gift of creativity comes to life at Farmhouse Memories as it combines with expressions of love and tFarmhouse Memories Scrapbooking lancaster county pahe joys of friendship.  Locally owned and family operated since 2006, this hidden gem is located in a farmhouse that radiates a welcome home atmosphere.  Whether you are a seasoned scrapper or just wanting to try your hand at card crafting for the first time, you will find everything you need for conveying your creativity and communicating your thoughts.

Need some inspiration for your scrapbooking and card making journey?  Throughout the year, Farmhouse Memories plays host to a variety of classes that provide hands-on instruction.  Groups are able to arrange for their own class and individuals are able to schedule a day of scrapbooking fun in the upstairs cropping room.

Farmhouse Memories
148 A Harristown Road
Paradise, PA 17562
(717) 442-1907

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Our Hours…

Picture 2Farmhouse Memories is open and looks forward to your visit…

Monday 9am until 4pm

Wednesday 9am until 4pm

Thursday 9am until 8pm

Friday 9am until 4pm

Saturday 9am until 1pm

Closed Tuesdays and Sundays


Our Story…

Farmhouse memories story ownerWith more than 40 years of experience in the wonderful world of quilting, fabric sales, and craft artistry, owner Rachel Stoltzfus opened Farmhouse Memories in 2006.  She is committed to ensuring that her hidden gem offers guests a welcoming atmosphere and friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to tap into their God-given talents and gift of creativity.

Click HERE to learn more about Rachel and her vision for Farmhouse Memories. 

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Scrapbooking, Fabrics, & Quilting Supplies…

At Farmhouse Memories you can learn how to preserve your own memories while browsing through the rooms of paper, embellishments, adhesives, tools, stamps, ribbon, fabric, and notions.

Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 1   Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 3   Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 4   Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 5     Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 6         Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 7         Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 8        Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 12 Picture 16              Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics                Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 7               Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 10   Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 15 Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 16 Farmhouse Memories Scrapbook Fabrics 15

Classes & Cropping Room…

farmhouse memories cardWhether you have years of experience in scrapbooking and cardmaking or just ready to try for the first time, Farmhouse Memories is a great place to visit.  A good starting point is to attend one of the upcoming classes…a favorite type of class are those that come with a homecooked  meal!
Check out the Farmhouse Memories Facebook page for the current schedule of classes.

Farmhouse-Memories-Crop-Room       Farmhouse Memories Cropping Room



Farmhouse Memories fall seasonFarmhouse Memories is surrounded by quiet and peaceful amish farmlands in eastern Lancaster County.

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