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Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Located along the border of Lebanon and Lancaster counties, the Pennsylvania Game Commission‘s Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is a prime destination for wildlife, wild flowers, and those individuals who enjoy the great outdoors.  It was built for waterfowl and “they have come,” along with a wide variety of other wildlife species.  Middle Creek is a fantastic location for bird watchers to take in yearly migrations, creating a virtual photo booth in waiting.  Staffed by passionate naturalists, the Visitors Center houses a number of Pennsylvania wildlife exhibits, ranging from taxidermic mounts to interactive stations.  The facility serves as the registration point for hunters participating in the area’s controlled hunts and is home to the Middle Creek lecture series.  The Observation Area, which provides binoculars to glass the impressive vista before you, offers a view of the impoundment and the winter songbird feeding station.

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
100 Museum Road
Stevens, PA 17578
(717) 733-1512

History of Middle Creek…

The History of Middle Creek is an encouraging example of how the deliberate wildlife management of an area can ensure the availability of its beauty for the benefit of all who come to visit. Click HERE to learn about the history of Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Middle Creek Initiative…

The Middle Creek Initiative is a partnership of conservation organizations that are working to ensure there will always be feeding and roosting areas for migrant tundra swans wintering in and migrating through southeastern Pennsylvania, particularly on the vast landscape surrounding the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. Click HERE for more information.

Middle Creek Programs & Activities…

Middle Creek annually presents a well-received lecture series and other events and programs including the Wildlife Art Show, Wildfowl Show, Ned Smith Art Auction and a celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day. Click HERE for more dates and information.

Gallery of Photos…


The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is easy to find.



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