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Lancaster County has some great museums that provide a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn at your own pace that suits your schedule.

Whether you prefer historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural…your interest will be piqued and your curiosity will be satisfied by the interesting and engaging museums that are featured on this website.


Caernarvon Historical Society and Museum Caernarvon Historical Society lancaster county pa
2148 Main St
Narvon, PA 17555
Located along Rte 23 in eastern Lancaster County, Caernarvon Historical Society preserves the memories of yesteryear while promoting fresh interest today, in Caernarvon Township.  Comprised of dedicated volunteers, they sponsor several annual events in Churchtown, as well as a number of social events, including Memorial Day and the Churchtown Days in August. In addition to its activity in the local community, the society curates a local history museum, diligently documenting and sometimes Caernarvon Historical Societypublishing items that highlight Caernarvon’s distinct history.


Manheim Historical Society & Museums  Manheim Historical Society
88 South Grant Street
P. O. Box 396
Manheim, PA 17545
(717) 665-7989
A mainstay of Manheim’s historical legacy, the Manheim Historical Society administers and maintains four sites and a street clock throughout the town of Manheim. The Harry B. Shearer Heritage Center features a large collection of historical products to include books, maps, photos, and documentary records.  The Railroad Station is a comprehensive rail museum covering the history of the railroad in Manheim. This includes the location of the Railroad Station, a restored 1917 Pennsylvania Railroad Cabin Car, an impressive model train layout, and the last operating Conestoga Transportation Company Trolley Car.  Manheim Historical Society’s two log houses, the Fasig House and the Keath House are 18th century era-restored Germanic log homes that are open to the public for visits on Sundays from 2-4pm, June throManheim Historical Societyugh August.

Conestoga Area Historical Society & Museum
51 Kendig Road (Ehrlich Park)
Conestoga, PA 17516
(717) 872-1699
Far from being just another repository of archived records, the Conestoga Area Historical Society and Museum is one of Lancaster County’s most compelling hidden gems.  Comprised of 7 major buildings, their museum campus offers an up-close, living history experience that preserves and portrays life in the Penn Manor Area from years gone by, awaiting your discovery.  Along with a new theme that is showcased each year, their permanent exhibits including displays of the famous conestoga wagon. From concerts that are regularly staged in Gundel Hall to the annual early American Christmas candlelight tour, your return visit will always be authentic and unique.

New Holland Area Museum
207 East Main Street
New Holland, PA 17557
The New Holland area is the fortunate beneficiary of a very dedicated and passionate group of persons who comprise the New Holland Area Historical Society.  Together, they have made it their purpose to gather, organize, and preserve information and historical items that give insight in understanding the life and times of the New Holland area.  They are very excited to share this information and to present the preserved historical items at the newly opened New Holland Museum, located on the 2nd floor of the historic Kauffman’s Hardware Building.

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