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Off-the-Grid Living

Are you ready to live “off-the-grid?”  If ever there was a place where this is not only possible but truly a reality, it is in Lancaster County.  With one of the largest populated Amish communities in the world, there is lots of collective experience in how to live both comfortably and efficiently without being connected to the power grid as a source of power.

From solar panels to wind turbines, from household options that offer comfort without the need for electricity to alternative energy sources as a primary or backup source…these local businesses offer optionss that promote both savings and offer self-sufficiency.

DS StovesDS Stoves lancaster county pa
238 B Old Leacock Road
Gordonville, PA 17529
(717) 768-3853
Join with the thousands of households who enjoy the efficient warmth and simple beauty of wood and coal home heating options, as well as other related products, manufactured by DS Stoves, in the heart of Lancaster County.  In addition to featuring their wide selection of stoves and hearth products, the DS Stove retail store carries a full line of hardware related items including welding supplies, hand tools, and fasteners. The DS Install Team will ensure the efficient installation of everything sold at their store. In addition, you can ensure the ongoing safety and proper maintenance of yDS Stovesour chimney with scheduled chimney sweep services.

Ease Roll Washline Wheels 
Clothesline Pulley System
102 Meetinghouse Road
Gap, PA 17527
Featuring a durable and use-friendly clothesline pulley system with a locking brake system, Ease Roll Washline Wheels makes the work of hanging clothes to dry an easy task…all the while standing in one spot. Manufactured to last, the vinyl coated steel cables can accommodate heavier loads and can be customized in both height and length, keeping your laundry out of reach from children and pets.

TinyLux Homes 
3351 Lincoln Highway East
Paradise, PA 17562
Located in the heart of Lancaster County, TinyLux Homes is comprised of an accomplished team of visionaries and craftsmen, whose passion for sustainable housing combines energy efficiency and exceptional durability with eye-catching design and an eco-friendly footprint. In addition to their attractive living spaces, Tiny Lux offers backyard swing sets, play houses, hardscapes, and an eclectic variety of outdoor structures, including sheds, pavilions, pergolas, garages, and pool houses.

3376 Harvest Drive
Gordonville, PA 17529
(717) 768-7796
Since 2001, Belmont Solar has connected local residences and small businesses with the efficient energy power of the sun.  If you are considering a solar system for an existing house, business, farm, or if you would like to incorporate it into new construction, Belmont Solar is more than willing to help you determine the best cost effective options for you.  They ensure all systems are high performing, low maintenance and durable. They utilize only highest quality components that have a proven track record of perfBelmont Solarormance and a commitment to support what they sell so that your system will work properly and reliably for many years.

ASI…Advanced Solar Ideas

255 Mascot Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-0001
ASI…Advanced Solar Ideas carries various products and solar systems which will meet all of your energy needs.  Located in the heart of Lancaster County, ASI offers solutions for power with lighting, ventilation, battery charging, appliances, and ASI Advanced Solar Ideas Lancaster County PAmore. They are known for their years of experience in the solar market and can provide for all your solar installation, service, and maintenance needs.  Visit their showroom for their many different alternative energy solutions including lights, fans, chargers, generators, and inverters. And ASI advanced solar ideas ronks padon’t forget to visit them for all your solar camping solutions.

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