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With a commitment to attentive customer service and quality workmanship, Nickel Mine Welding has been serving their valued customers for almost 30 years.  Whether you need skilled welding services for a one-time household project, a farm equipment repair, or are searching for an experienced and dependable source for ongoing commercial work, Nickel Mine Welding has a reputation for work that is efficient, reliable, and affordable.

Located along Route 896 in Lancaster County’s southern end, Nickel Mine Welding is very well known for their selection of garden and farm equipment, including push & pull cultivators, shovel harrows, horse carts, forecarts, finishing mowers, and scraper blades.

Other items that are commonly made include custom porch railings, horse feed troughs & racks, poured wall form racks, stainless steel fire pit grills, and metal stands for bikes & scooters.

Featuring a huge collection of completed custom made projects (see below gallery), Nickel Mine Welding is willing to discuss any custom welding project you might have.

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Phone: (717) 786-7363
Address: 891 Georgetown Road Paradise, PA 17562

Collage of Nickel Mine Welding's Products
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