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Nan’s Quilt Shop

Featuring a discerning collection of heirloom quality quilts, all of which are handcrafted by local Amish and Mennonite quilt makers, Nan’s Quilt Shop is Lancaster County’s newest destination for the finest in quilt artistry.

Located on a beautiful country homestead, near the border of Lancaster and Chester Counties, this hidden gem seeks to foster a fresh appreciation for the unique beauty of handmade quilts and the time-honored tradition of quilting.

Many of Nan’s featured quilts come from the recently closed Witmer Quilt Shop of New Holland.  For over 50 years, the owner (Emma) curated many traditional PA Dutch quilts and created original patterns with custom colors.

Among the quilt designs generally available at Nan’s Quilt Shop, customers can browse varieties that include Tumbling Block, Broken Star, Postage Stamp, The Lincoln, Lone Star, among others.

Whether it’s taking time for enjoying a picnic lunch or strolling around the property’s vineyard, visitors are invited to enjoy the serene beauty of the spacious grounds which surround the Quilt Shop.

Nan’s Quilt Shop
1065 Simmontown Road
Gap, PA 17527
(717) 413-1649


Hours & A Note from Nan

With an invitation to visit soon, Nan’s Quilt Shop is open and looks forward to your visit…

By Appointment Only, give us a call and we will connect soon!

A Note from Nan…As a quilt enthusiast, I love the incredible quality and attention to detail that can be found in hand-made quilts.  The quilts I sell come from a lineage of Amish and Mennonite quilt-makers, many of which picked it up from their mom, who learned to quilt from their mom.  I know every person involved in the making of each quilt, and love the community and history that comes with each one.  For me, and hopefully for you too, a hand-made quilt is so much more than a piece of material. It is a timeless treasure to be passed down through the generations.  I hope you will stop by in at the shop for a visit…I’d love to meet you in person.   ~ Nan, Owner


Many of the quilts featured at Nan’s Quilt Shop were purchased from Emma of Witmer Quilts, who retired at age 80 at the end of September in 2018.  


Quilt Gallery…

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Homestead Grounds…


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