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Horst’s Greenhouse

Horst Greenhouse East Earl Lancaster County PA Flowers Gardens LawnsHorst's Greenhouse East Earl Lancaster County PAYour flourishing garden and beautiful lawn begins Horst's Greenhouse East Earl Lancaster County PAwith a trip to Horst’s Greenhouse, located a short distance from the intersection of Rtes 23 and 322 in East Earl and always worth the drive from wherever you are.

Whether you have an aspiring green thumb or are a seasoned gardener, every plant lover finds inspirational ideas and great deals at this local hidden gem!

Horst’s Greenhouse is your one-stop shop for all your flower and garden planting needs. Whether you are shopping for this year’s selection of annuals for your lawn, choosing your garden’s crop of herbs and vegetables, or selecting from their famous Christmastime decorations…you can be assured that your purchase  will be of the highest quality and sold for a reasonable price.

With varieties that range from desert to tropical, take the time to browse their specialty items that are featured each season.

Explore some ideas on display as you plan the design of your own miniature garden, which have become increasingly popular.

Horst’s Greenhouse
1194 East Earl Road
East Earl, PA 17519
(717) 354-4825
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Our Hours…

Horst's-Greenhouse-Our-hoursHorst’s Greenhouse is your local greenhouse, open year round, ready and eager to exceed  the expectations of our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

April – June
Monday – Friday 8am until 7pm
Saturday 8am until 4pm

July – August
Monday – Friday 8am until 5pm
Saturday 8am until 2pm

September – Thanksgiving
Monday – Friday 8am until 5pm
Saturday 8am until 4pm

Thanksgiving – Christmas
Monday – Friday 8am until 8pm
Saturday 8am until 4pm

January -March
Monday – Friday 8am until 5pm
Saturday 8am until 12pm

Closed Sundays & Major Holidays

Our Story…

Horst's-Greenhouse-StorySince 1994, Horst’s Greenhouse has been locally owned and successfully operated by David and Gwen Horst, along with their family.  They know that a local business will thrive when the owners “pursue their passion, do it well, and pass their products along to their customer at a fair price.”  The Horst’s are passionate about their greenhouse business, they value their customers, and they are committed to providing the best in value and attentive service that they believe their loyal customers deserve.

Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 11.19.13 PM Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 11.19.23 PM

Our Flowers & Plants…

Horst's-Greenhouse-cactus Horst's-Greenhouse-Herbs Horst's-Flowers-Petunia

Our Pots & Planters…

From ceramic to terra cotta and everything in between, Horst’s Greenhouse has a extraordinary selection of flower pots and planters that accommodate every personal taste and any décor style.

Horst's-Pots Horsts's-Greenhouse-Pots Horst's-Greenhouse-Planters

Our Gardening Supplies…

From sturdy trellis products to a variety of potting soils, from decorative bird baths to hanging basket liners…you will find a full range of gardening supplies at Horst’s Greenhouse.  If you can’t find it, just ask one of the knowledgeable staff members who will be more than happy to assist you.

Horst's-Greenhouse-Gardening-Supplies Horst's-Greenhouse-Potting-Soils Fairy-Garden-Supplies

Our Fall Flowers & Harvest Decorations…

Horst Greenhouse East Earl PA Horst Greenhouse East Earl PA 6 Horst Greenhouse East Earl PA 4 Horst Greenhouse East Earl PA 4 Horst Greenhouse East Earl PA3 Horst Greenhouse East Earl PA1

Our Christmas Plants & Decorations…

As Thanksgiving approaches each year, Horst’s Greenhouse is prepared and fully stocked for all your Christmas decorating needs…from beautiful poinsettias & Christmas trees to handcrafted wreaths and evergreen decoratives, you will find yourself “getting into the reason for the season” when you shop Horst’s Greenhouse at Christmas time.

Horst's-Greenhouse-Christmas-1 Horst's-Greenhouse-Christmas-3 Horst's-Greenhouse-Christmas-2

Our Gallery…

Picture 167 Picture 168 Picture 169Picture 170 Picture 171 Picture 180 Horst's Greenhouses 1 Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 11.19.23 PM 


Horst's Greenhouses directionsHorst’s Greenhouse is located just one miles from the intersection of Rtes 322 & 23 and worth the drive from wherever you are.


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