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Brubacher’s Greenhouse

Located in the heart of Lancaster County’s PA Dutch country, Brubacher’s Greenhouse invites you to join with the many loyal customers who come to this hidden gem each spring and summer for all of their planting needs.

From early harvest vegetable plants for your garden to hanging baskets that will bring special beauty to your summertime patio, from creatively designed planters for your deck to flourishing ferns for your living room…everything you purchase at Brubacher’s brings a special touch of beauty to your home, garden, and landscape.

Locally owned and family operated, the Greenhouse is really a labor of love that the Brubacher family and their employees begin to undertake each year, while the weather is still cold and blustery outside.  Their collective efforts of planting, cultivating, and designing results in quality purchases for everyone who stops by their flourishing business that features all things green.

Whether you are new at gardening or consider yourself to be a seasoned green thumb, you will appreciative the attentive service and trusted suggestions you receive at Brubacher’s.

Brubacher’s Greenhouse
5 Brick Church Road
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 656-0386

Our Hours…

Brubacher’s Greenhouse is open seasonally and looks forward to serving you…
Monday through Friday 8am until 8pm
Saturday 8am until 5pm
Closed Sundays




Our Flowers & Plants…

From a wide selection of annuals to a nice variety of perennials, you will find everything you need for making your garden grow.

Brubacher's Greenhouse 11 Brubacher's Greenhouse 12 Brubacher's Greenhouse 13 Brubacher's Greenhouse 14 Brubacher's Greenhouse 15 Brubacher's Greenhouse 16 Brubacher's Greenhouse 17 Brubacher's Greenhouse 18 Brubacher's Greenhouse 19 Brubacher's Greenhouse 20 Brubacher's Greenhouse 21 Brubacher's Greenhouse


Our Succulents & Grasses…

IMG_9907 Brubacher's Greenhouse 22 Brubacher's Greenhouse 23 Brubacher's Greenhouse 24 Brubacher's Greenhouse 24 Brubacher's Greenhouse 25

Our Vegetable Plants & Herbs…

Brubacher's Greenhouse 26 Brubacher's Greenhouse 27 Brubacher's Greenhouse 27 Brubacher's Greenhouse 28 Brubacher's Greenhouse 28 Brubacher's Greenhouse 29

Our Gardening Supplies…

Brubacher's Greenhouse 31 Brubacher's Greenhouse 30 Brubacher's Greenhouse 32


Brubacher’s Greenhouse is located near Leola and New Holland and is easy to find from wherever you are.

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