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Hillside Bulk Foods

LocatedHillside Bulk Foods Amish Country Store Gap PA along Rte 340 (Lincoln Highway), near the border of Lancaster & Chester Counties, Hillside Bulk Foods is your one-stop country grocery store destination.  Locally owned and operated by the Stoltzfus family, Hillside offers their valued customers quality products and extensive selections at reasonable prices.  Like you, they are concerned about healthy eating and therefore stock numerous items that are gluten-free, non-gmo, natural, and/or organic.

Hillside carries a wide variety of bulk foods…from grains & flours, herbs & spices, and a full range of specialty baking products to beans, legumes, soup mixes, and pastas.  In addition, their bulk shelves are stocked with nuts & butters, snacks, dried fruits, and chocolates & candies.  Select from their own line of home canned fruits & vegetables and other preserved products, including jams, jellies, and pickles.

In addition to the full range of items you would find at a traditional grocery store, Hillside carries seasonal fruits & vegetables, frozen foods, dairy products, and herbs & vitamins.  They also feature a well-stocked deli with made-to-order subs and sandwiches.

Hillside Bulk Foods  
1403 W Kings Hwy.
Gap, PA 17527

(717) 442-5768 (leave message)


Join with those who extend the buying power of your weekly grocery budget at Hillside Bulk Foods…

Monday – Thursday 7am until 5pm

Friday (Winter) 7am until 7pm

Friday (Summer) 7am until 8pm

Saturday 7am until 4pm

Hillside Bulk Foods Hours 1 Hillside Bulk Foods Hours Hillside Bulk Foods Hours 2

Bulk Foods…

Priced for value, Hillside Bulk Foods sells a wide range of quantities of bulk, for small families to institutional quantities.

  Hillside Bulk Foods Natural Way Mills Organic Flour  

Groceries & Produce…

In addition to locally grown produce and their own line of preserves, Hillside Bulk Foods carries Walnut Creek, Stockins Local Raw Honey, Martin’s Potato Rolls, and other local suppliers.

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Deli, Dairy, Frozen…

Hillside Bulk Foods features John F. Martin Meats, Guernsey Gift by Heagy Foods, Kauffman’s Apple Cider, and others.


Herbs, Vitamins, Health…

Hillside Bulk Foods features the following name brands of vitamins and herbs…Nature’s Sunshine, Natural Hope, V.E. Irons, and more.


Household, Kitchen Essentials, & More…



Hillside Bulk Foods is located near the border of Lancaster and Chester Counties, along King’s Highway (Rte 340).

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