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Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery

Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery Ephrata Lancaster County PA Dutch CountryGlenwood Foods Ephrata Lancaster County PADiscover why locally owned and family Glenwood Foods Ephrata Lancaster County PAoperated Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery is the grocery shopping destination for customers who value quality and appreciate savings.

Unlike some small discount stores that offer only a limited selection of grocery items, Glenwood Foods offers the full range of departments you would expect to find in a supermarket but without their super high prices!

From a fully stocked grocery department to specialty sections like gluten-free and fresh roasted gourmet coffee, from the nice variety of pet supplies and foods that are available to a selection of houseware and cleaning items…customers return to Glenwood Foods, week after week, knowing their dollars will stretch further.  

In addition to their large deli and a wide selection of frozen foods and bulk items, customers are thrilled with the full assortment of first quality fruits and vegetables in their fresh produce department, including organic selections.

Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery
1614 Division Highway
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 738-9086



Hours of Operation…

Glenwod-Foods-Discount-Grocery-HoursGlenwood Foods is open and ready to serve you…
Monday – Wednesday 8am until 6 pm
Thursday & Friday  8am until 8:30 pm
Saturday 8am –until 5pm
Closed Sunday & all Christian Holidays

For your convenience, they accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit, EBT(Foodstamps)




About Us…

Glenwood-Foods-CornicopiaSince 1990, Glenwood Foods has been a locally owned and family operated business that has remained fully committed to offering customers a quality discount grocery shopping experience with huge discount savings.

First time customers are delighted to find a great source  for savings in a store that maintains a “spic and span” appearance with attentive staff who are cheerful and caring.

Glenwood-Foods-Syrups Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery-Cereal

Groceries & Deli…

As indicated by their name, Glenwood Foods is a discount grocery that features name brand products that are close-dated or slightly expired.  All items are sold with the intent and expectation of full usefulness.  Glenwood does not sell any recalled products.
Glenwood-Foods-Pretzels Glenwood-Foods-Preserves Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery

The Glenwood deli counter is always well stocked with fresh meats and cheeses, sliced to your specifications.
Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery-Deli Picture 79 Glenwood-Foods-Deli-Cheeses

Frozen Foods & Dairy…

From ice cream treats to a variety of meats, from pizzas to vegetables, Glenwood has a wide selection of frozen foods.
Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Groceries-Frozen-Cookies Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery-Frozen-Pies Glenwood-Foods-Frozen-Food

Glenwood Foods is your one-stop shopping destination for all varieties of dairy purchases, from milk to a wide selection of cheese and yogurts, everything sold is first quality and fresh.
Glenwood-Foods-Dairy-Sections Glenwood-Foods-Milk Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery-Yogu


The Glenwood produce department features all types of delicious fruits and fresh vegetables…offering the best in seasonal produce throughout the year.  To the extent possible, they ensure everything they sell is grown locally and passed along to their customers at reasonable prices.
Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery Watermelon Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery  Glenwood Foods ProduceGlenwood-Foods-Apples Glenwood-Foods-Potatoes Glenwood-Food-Produce

Bulk Foods & Fair Trade Coffee…

Glenwood foods offer a full variety of first-quality, freshly bagged bulk foods…ranging from various styles of pasta to a wide assortment of candies, from baking products to nuts and dried fruits.
Glenwood-Foods-Bulk-Foods Glenwood-Foods-Bulk-Pasta Glenwood-Foods-Bulk-Baking

Glenwood-Foods Glenwood Foods features 21 varieties of fair trade coffee.  Buy whole bean or grind it to your specifications.





Specialty Items…

From a nice selection of gluten-free items to natural sweeteners and much more, customers appreciate the variety of speciality items that Glenwood Foods consistently has to offer.
Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery-Natural-Sweeteners Gluten-Free-Glenwood-Foods-by-Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery-Gluten-Free

From greeting cards to pet supplies, Glenwood Foods offers their customers a good variety of non-food items.
Glenwood-Foods-Miscellaneous Glenwood-Foods-Canning-Supplies Glenwood-Foods-Discount-Grocery-P


Glenwood Foods Discount Grocery Ephrata Lancaster County PAGlenwood Foods is very easy to find and always worth the drive from wherever you are.


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