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Hammond’s Pretzel Bakery…Old Fashioned Hand-Made Pretzels

For a pretzel eating experience like no other, you will need to visit Hammond’s Pretzel Bakery, the oldest continuously family operated hand-made pretzel bakery in America and a true Lancaster County Original.

Using a family recipe that dates back to the 1800’s, Hammond’s combines the highest of quality ingredients that are mixed “just right” for hand-rolling their famous sourdough pretzels, prior to being baked in their old-fashioned oven, in use since 1946.

When you visit Hammond’s, it’s like experiencing an idyllic step-back-in-time with the ambiance of equipment form yesteryear and lots of memorabilia and awards for excellence and “best of” selections.

Production is limited at Hammond’s to ensure highest standards of quality that have earned their status as “best hard pretzel” in Lancaster County for many years.

Join those who purchase Hammond’s by the tin.  Not only did these tightly sealed tins keep your pretzels fresh, they add a splash of color and iconic memories to your kitchen and pantry.

Hammond Pretzel Bakery, Inc.
716 S. West End Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 392-7532
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Our Hours…

Our Bakery is open and ready for your visit…

Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm

Saturday 8am to 12pm

Closed on Sunday



About Us…

Since 1931, we have been making hand-rolled sourdough pretzels at our family owned and operated Hammond’s Bakery.  We were founded by our grandfather, William Lichty and his grandfather, William Hammond in 1931. During the Great Depression, Bill Lichty lost his job. So, he went to his grandfather who had been a pretzel baker in the late 1800s and asked him to join him in starting a pretzel bakery.  They lived in adjoining houses and turned their garages into a bakery.  The recipe they used was William Hammond’s so the bakery was named after him.  Along the way, William Lichty’s father, Joe (who lived a few houses away) joined in the family business.

Today, we are still in the original location and we are operating with the fourth and fifth generations of the Hammond family. Our names have changed by marriage, but our strong commitment to tradition and quality will never change.

View a Video about the History of Hammond’s from “Why I Love being a Lancastrian”

History of the Pretzel…

The history of the pretzel dates back to 600 AD when a monk in the area between France and Italy was playing with dough left over from the daily baking. While he was playing he came up with a unique twist that looked like arms crossed in prayer. This baked “pretiola” was given to children as a reward for their reverence.

This treat gained in popularity, and as was the culture of the time, spread to other monasteries over the Alps into Austria and Germany where it came to be known as the “pretzel”. It became more popular with time becoming a symbol in marriage (broken like a wishbone at the ceremony), saving a city (pretzel bakers heard the Turks burrowing under the walls of Vienna in 1510 A.D. and called out the alarm and saved the city), and becoming a religious symbol (a page in the prayer book used by Catharine of Cleves depicts St. Bartholomew surrounded by pretzels which were thought to bring good luck, prosperity and spiritual wholeness.)

The pretzel first appears in America in the record of, what else, a court case. It seems a baker named Carl Carmer and his wife in 1652 were charged with selling Pretzels to the Indians. The problem wasn’t that the Indians were eating pretzels (which they loved), but that the pretzels were made from the good flour from milling while the bread sold to the good people of Beverwyck, New York was made from the left-overs. As recorded in the town’s history “The heathen were eating flour while the Christians were eating bran.”
The Pennsylvania Dutch Hard Pretzel was made and sold as a side-line by bakers in the Lancaster area since the early 1800’s. The first American pretzel bakery supposedly start with a tale of altruism. It seems that a baker in Lititz gave a drifter a free meal in the 1850’s – in return for his kindness the tramp gave the baker a recipe for pretzels that eventually became the recipe of the baker’s apprentice – Julius Sturgis. This style of Pretzel became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch Hard Pretzel. We at Hammond’s use the same process as was used then, believing that the hands-on approach to baking yields a better product than anything a machine could ever do.



Our Products & Nutritional Information…

At Hammond’s, we enjoy baking pretzels, we appreciate variety, and we have a lot of fun keeping our valued customers satisfied with the variety of pretzels that they love best…choose from regular, dark, plain, and with all types of salt.  
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Did someone say chocolate?  You need to try our delicious pretzels covered in fine chocolate. You can choose from Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Chocolate Pretzel Clusters. Our Chocolate Covered Pretzels consist of our whole hand made pretzels covered in either milk or dark chocolate that is from Wilbur Chocolate. The Chocolate Pretzel Clusters are finely chopped pieces of our pretzels combined with chocolate and hand made into a cluster. These come in milk, dark and white chocolate or a peanut butter coating. Both of these choices offer an unbeatable combination of an excellent pretzel mixed with superb chocolate. This sweet and salty treat is truly out of this world! To order our Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Chocolate Pretzel Clusters, please call us at 717-392-7532. We will gladly send these for you by custom order.


Our pretzels are Hammond’s Pretzels good, they are good for you!

Our Stores & Online Ordering…




Can’t make it into our Bakery and don’t live close enough to one of the Store’s who carry Hammond’s?   Click HERE to order on-line.








Hammond’s is easy to find and worth the drive from wherever you are.
Hammond's Pretzel Bakery Lancaster County PA


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