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Spence Candies Premium Chocolates

Spence CandiesSpence Candies Premium Chocolates Elizabethtown Lancaster County PAWith artisan-styled chocolates that are Spence Candies Premium Chocolates Elizabethtown Lancaster County PAhandcrafted in small batches and made from only the best in quality ingredients, Spence Candies sets a quintessential standard for premium chocolates.

Locally owned and operated by the Spence family, you are invited to discover this idyllic chocolate lover’s boutique, located in the historic Borough of Elizabethtown.

Once found, Spence Candies becomes a return destination for loyal customers who appreciate the attention to detail and confectionary perfection this local chocolatier and candy maker brings to each of their exquisite selections.

Whether you buy a single piece for a chocolate hankering or purchase a box of assorted varieties for your family and friends, expectations are exceeded and every sweet tooth is satisfied by this hidden gem!

They are open seasonally, from October through Father’s Day, which means they can be your source for lots of holiday sweets!

Spence Candies
Premium Chocolates

Retail Shop & Candy Kitchen
558 E. High Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 361-9366
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Our Hours…

Spence Candies is open seasonally October through Father’s Day and looks forward to your visit…

Wednesday – Friday 10am until 6pm

Saturday 10am until 4pm

Our Story…

Since opening its doors in 2000, Spence Candies has been building on a rich chocolatier and candy making tradition.  Using secret Pennsylvania German recipes that have been preserved through the generations, Owners Wendie & Rob Spence have been creating premium chocolates and a variety of other rich confections that have attracted a loyal following of appreciative customers.

Click HERE to learn more about the History of Spence Candies.

Our Premium Chocolates…

Join with those who have discovered that you cannot find a premium chocolate that is created with more attention to detail and greater eye appeal than Spence Candies.  From almond butter crunch to vanilla creams, from coconut bon bons to sea salt caramels…there are almost 100 traditional chocolates that are made in the Spence Candies kitchen, plus 17 sugar-free chocolate varieties.

Picture 137 Spence Candies almond bark spence candies

Our Truffles…

For those chocolate enthusiasts who enjoy the succulent taste of melt-in-your-mouth-truffles, Spence Candies offers the pleasure of over 15 varieties…from amaretto to hazlenut, from irish cream to vanilla…experience the tasty perfection of handcrafted chocolate artistry.

truffle candy cane spence candies Picture 143 Picture 146

Our Confectionery Varieties…

Everyone loves variety and for the few who don’t hold chocolate as a favorite, Spence Candies offers their customers a nice variety of hard candies and other sweet selections.

peanut brittle Spence Candies butterscotch Picture 120

Our Novelties & Seasonal Selections…

Join with the many customers who have come to rely upon Spence Candies for their seasonal selections, holiday treats, and favorite novelties.

spence candies spence truffles spence holiday box

Our Partnering Locations…

In addition to their home retail location, you can find the premium chocolates by Spence Candies at these fine locally owned shops and bed & breakfasts.

S. Clyde Weaver, East Petersburg location only
Hunger n Thirst

B.F. Hiestand House

B.F. Hiestand House

B.F. Hiestand House
Amanda Gish House
Cameron Estate Inn
Vogt Farm



Located in historic Elizabethtown, just a short distance from Elizabethtown College, Spence Candies is easy to find and very worth the drive from wherever you are.
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