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Pub Dunegal

pub dunegal mount joy paIf you are anywhere near Mount Joy, your Local Public House is Pub Dunegal….a  place where neighbors and friends convene for engaging camaraderie, savory cuisine, and an amazingly wide variety of drinks for any occasion.

The food here is  exceptionally fresh and distinctly local…you will thrill at the menu’s incredible variety that begs your return.  From succulent grass-fed beef burgers to the signature hand-breaded fish & chips, from the signature bangers & mash to generously portioned “salads as a meal,” pub dunegal  patiothere is something on the menu  that will satisfy everyone’s taste and preferences.  No visit to Pub Dunegal is complete until you sample the fantastic selection of handcrafted appetizers that keep the many loyal patrons coming back to their favorite pub, time after time.

Located in the heart of Mount Joy, this pub is your quintessential gathering place, where the friendly staff and classic décor are a dynamic complement to your visit.

Pub Dunegal
Lancaster County pub dunegalpub dunegal burgers112 E. Main Street
Mount Joy, PA 17552


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Hours of Operation

Picture 124Pub Dunegal is open and looks forward to your visit…

Sunday 12 noon until midnight

Monday 4 pm until midnight

Tuesday  thru Thursday 11 am until midnight

Friday and Saturday and 11 am until 2 am


pub dunegal mount joy pa patio seating         pub dunegal mount joy pa tavern

Why choose Pub Dunegal?

pub dunegal mount joy pa barWith so many food and beverage choices inundating us in the media, why choose your neighborhood pub?  Here are five very good reasons:
1. Local is fresher.
Pub Dunegal isn’t just a sponsor of the Mount Joy Farmers Market, we are a customer! We feature seasonal menu items that are purchased from local purveyors and farmers. This cuts down on travel time, allowing fruits and vegetables to be picked when ripest. Meats are chosen from local suppliers meaning they are cut fresher and no chemicals need to be used to preserve them. Large chains cannot buy locally as the food must be the same all over the country, thus they cannot take advantage of Lancaster County’s rich agricultural resources.

2. Local is smarter
No matter how much money chains spend telling you what you want to eat, only you really know. Neighborhood restaurants are built and grow by listening to their customers, not trying to change their attitudes. Pub Dunegal features specials from all types of cuisine. These specials help pub dunegal mount joy pa lancasterus find what our customers are looking for. It also allows us to take advantage of seasonal products and dishes.

3. Local is richer
Supporting local restaurants keeps more of your money in your community. Pub Dunegal prefers using local sources for food and services which means our money stays local as well, thus magnifying the benefits of your support. We are not the only local restaurant to do this, but no chain restaurant can.

pub dunegal mount joy pa drink board4. Local is greener
Your local restaurants are exactly that– local. They aren’t at the mall or in some distant shopping center. That means less fuel. Maybe you can even walk to a local place, meaning the only fuel you need is the food you order! Pub Dunegal’s commitment to local food and suppliers means we use less fuel too.

5. Local is more relaxing
Chain restaurants want you to eat and run. They need to to pay for all of their TV ads and expensive leases in malls. They need to get someone else in your seat– fast. At Pub Dunegal, we want you to enjoy your meal.  In some cases we may even need you to relax, as fresher is sometimes slower. Our commitment is to quality food, not to turning tables.

Posted on our Website…Fresh & Local.

Our History…

Dating back possibly as far as 1856, the building we now know as Pub Dunegal was a hotel and inn. It’s first known name was the “Red Lion Hotel”, and it spanned from the corner of Barbara Street to its current location, though the home attached to the building was built later, and railroad tracks ran through what is now the patio. In 1911, the building that was located on what is now the flower shop next door was sold to JD Brenneman who operated a bargain store for three years before the building burned down, leaving only the current location standing. After operating as the Red Lion, businesses at the location have been known as “The McGinniss Inn”, “The Little Inn”, “Tilted Kilt”, and finally Pub Dunegal. The footprint of the building has changed several times, and only the secong floor window line as well as the building’s brick chimineys closely resemble early photos.

Thanks to Vera Albert and other local historians, some of the history of the Pub and its predecessors survive. A recent book, Mount Joy Memories, has been published by the Mount Joy historical society and is available to the public. If anyone else has any pertinent history of the Pub, please feel free to email us and let us know .

Our Menus…

pub dunegal mount joy pa appetizerAt Pub Dunegal, there is something for everyone…just browse through their amazing menus which feature locally sourced foods that are always handcrafted, fresh , and delicious….

Dinner Menu

Seasonal Specials

Children’s Menu


pub dunegal mount joy pa fish chips      pub dunegal mount joy pa wings


pub dunegal mount joy pa entranceFrom wherever you are, here are directions to Pub Dunegal…always worth the drive for great food, plentiful drink, and good times.


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