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Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner

Hungry for good eats in a relaxed atmosphere…at any time of the day or night?  If so, your appetite will be satisfied at Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner.  Conveniently located near the intersection of Rtes 41 and 30 in Gap, Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner is a favorite casual dining destination for locals in eastern  Lancaster County and for those traveling to and from nearby Chester County.

This hidden gem is your place for epic breakfast fare…from their plate-sized pancakes to their signature omelets, the most important meal of the day is always available.

The lunch and dinner menu features a wide selection of home cooked comfort food meals…made from scratch and served in generous portions.  From a variety of tasty appetizers and savory soups to healthy salads and handcrafted sandwiches, from mouthwatering entrees to a selection of traditional desserts…there is so much to choose from, you’ll have to return next time!

Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner
42 Rt 41
Gap, PA 17527
(717) 407-5055
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Our Hours…

Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner is open and looks forward to serving you breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

Sunday 6am – 8pm

Monday & Tuesday 5am – 9pm

Wednesday – Friday 5am – 10pm

Saturday 6am – 10pm



Our Story…

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.32.01 AMLocally owned and family operated, Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner opened their doors in January of 2012.  Until 2004, they previously owned and operated  Jennies Diner on Rte 30.  Now, old-timers, who remember “the good old days,” join with even more new-comers at their new location for one the best diner experiences in Lancaster County.


Breakfast Menu…

Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner breakfast menuAunt Jennie’s 41 Diner breakfast menu 2Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner breakfast menu 3Aunt Jennie’s 41 Diner breakfast menu 4

Lunch & Dinner Menu…

Jennies Diner 41 lunch dinner menuJennies Diner 41 lunch dinner menu 1Jennies Diner 41 lunch dinner menu 6Jennies Diner 41 lunch dinner menu 3Jennies Diner 41 lunch dinner menu 4Jennies Diner 41 lunch dinner menu 5

Gallery of Photos…

Aunt Jennies Diner Gallery IMG_3633 IMG_3627 IMG_3626 IMG_3624 IMG_3623 Aunt Jennies Diner IMG_3617 IMG_3615 IMG_3613 IMG_3612 IMG_3610 IMG_3609 Jennies Diner 41 gap lancaster county pa 2 Jennies Diner 41 gap lancaster county pa 4 Jennies Diner 41 gap lancaster county pa 11 Aunt Jennies 41 Diner 71 Aunt Jennies 41 Diner 22 Aunt Jennies 41 Diner 23 Aunt Jennies 41 Diner 21 20150202_154815


Aunt Jennies 41 Diner is located on Rte 41, just a short distance from the intersection of Rte 30.
Jennies Diner 41 directions




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