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Living the Experience…Underground Railroad Reenactment

One of Lancaster County’s most moving and powerfully significant hidden gems, Living the Experience is a creative, spiritual, and interactive historical reenactment of the Underground Railroad, as it occurred on-site, at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in the City of Lancaster. Those who attend are provided an honest portrayal of the experiential realities of those involved in the underground railroad…from the stories that are told, through the spirituals that are sung, and in the emotional connections that are felt…people are provided an opportunity to learn and to gain a clearer perspective on the events and the people involved with this “station” on the underground railroad.  Following the reenactment, an ethnic buffet style meal is served.

Living the Experience…
Bethel A.M.E. of ChurchTowne
450-512 East Strawberry  Street
Lancaster PA 17602-4449
(717) 393-8379

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Information about the Reenactment

The Living the Experience reenactment runs approximately 1.5 hours.
Call for group rates, which includes both the reenactment, “Hit The Spot” meal , discussion, and Vendors after the reenactment.
Reenactment with Meal lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

Our program complements all school curriculums that involve the history of the Underground Railroad. Your class or group will experience a hands-on interactive reenactment that will guide them through a “Living History” journey from Africa – to the slave ship – to the auction block – to the plantation – to freedom at the Lancaster’s African Underground Railroad Station: Historic Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Your class has the option of participating in the reenactment only or to participate in the reenactment with a wonderful lunch to follow.

Special rates and packages are available for students of all ages.  Special weekday programs have been designed to accommodate groups of children from schools, camps or churches, as well as for special interest groups.

Matinees for Student Groups of 35 or more only : Tuesday & Thursday: 10am Tour Operator/Receptive rates are available. 

Individual Tickets Available. Check with our customer service rep. for reenactment schedule.

Reserving Tickets

All tickets, group and individual, are by reservation only.  

For Upcoming Reenactment Dates, please call now 800.510.5899 – ext. 113 or 717.509.1177 – ext. 113

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About Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Currently led by Reverend Edward M. Bailey, Historic Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church of ChurchTowne, Lancaster, PA, has been a center for the Lancaster community’s religious and cultural life since its founding in 1817.
The current church building was rebuilt in 1879, after having been burned to the ground by arsonist.  In addition to religious services and church school, Bethel AME Church offers many ministries to the community as well as opportunities for volunteer service. Our services are open to all, and guests are always welcome.

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Bethel A.M.E. and Living the Experience is located just a few minutes from the heart of downtown Lancaster City.

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