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Lancaster County Heritage Program

When you see the AUTHENTIC logo…you know it’s real!!!  This logo denotes that the heritage resource has authenticity (showing a direct link to the heritage of Lancaster County), provides interpretation (explaining the significance of that heritage to the public), and displays visitor readiness (having high standards of appearance and operation).

The AUTHENTIC designation is managed by the Lancaster County Heritage Program, a countywide network of Heritage Resources – natural, cultural, and historic resources – that are officially designated by the Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC).  Initiated in 1994 with assistance from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the program is now administered by LCPC staff with the involvement of local residents who serve on the program’s Advisory Council.  Across the Susquehanna River, Lancaster County Heritage has a parallel program called York County Heritage.  Both programs work cooperatively with the Lancaster-York Heritage Region (LYHR) to interpret and promote heritage resources in the two- county region. The hallmark of the Lancaster County Heritage program is its commitment to authenticity – its pledge to tell the “real” story about the resources that make the county unique.  Applicants follow a 5-step process that begins with an application to Lancaster County Planning Commission staff and continues with Eligibility Committee review and a recommendation from the Advisory Council. Successful applicants are officially designated by the Lancaster County Planning Commission.


For more information, check out the Lancaster County Heritage website.


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