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For Lancaster County and beyond, Forest Hill Woodworking is the area’s destination for beekeepers. Located on an Amish farmstead, this hidden gem manufactures quality beekeeping equipment and supplies, including all variety of framed hive kits, protective clothing, and honey extraction tools.

Forest Hill Woodworking is a one-stop destination for beekeeping starter kits, apiary equipment, hive management supplies, and beekeeper instructional books.  Their products have been carefully selected, ensuring they provide customers with quality and longevity.

In addition to manufacturing on-location, Forest Hill distributes products from a number of highly recognized supply manufacturers, allowing local beekeepers to avoid the high cost of shipping.

Beekeeping has become more challenging in today’s world but Forest Hill is always available to provide you with the latest information about successful beekeeping…they are committed to supplying the best quality, service, and support in the beekeeping industry.

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Forest Hill Woodworking started in 2005 as a cabinet shop in Leola and since 2008 has been a beekeeping manufacturer and supplier, having since relocated to Nickel Mines area in southern Lancaster County.

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From Hive Kits and Equipment to Nuc Boxes, from Medications & Pest Control to Queen Supplies…Forest Hill Woodworking carries all of the products needed for beekeeping.

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