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Esbenshade Turkey Farm

Established in 1858 and well known as America’s oldest turkey farm, Esbenshade Turkey Farm is a true Lancaster County original, which is famous for their moist and tender meat.

At 90 years old, the family’s patriarch Bob Esbenshade says, “I was born here. My dad was born here. My granddad was born here, and my great-granddad was born here.”  The day-to-day operations are managed by his son Jim and now includes the working efforts from the sixth generation of the Esbenshade family.

Located in the rural community of Paradise, Esbenshade Turkey Farm raises up to 8,000 Broad Breasted Whites each year.  Beginning with the first week of July, and every two weeks thereafter, Esbenshades’s obtains their turkeys as one-day poults.  Their cage-free turkeys are always free of growth hormones and fed an all-natural vegetarian diet mixture of corn and soy, growing to an average 10 to 30 lbs.

Esbenshade turkeys are sold fresh during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, with pick-up at their farm or at prearranged drop-off times at Lesiures Lanes  on Columbia Avenue and just off Rte 30 at the Eden Resort.  The turkeys that are not sold fresh are frozen and sold throughout the following year.

Esbenshade Turkey Farm
109 Esbenshade Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-7631

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