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End Grain Design & Reclaimed Lumber LLC

Located in Lancaster County’s southern end and surrounded by Amish farmlands, End Grain Design & Reclaimed Lumber is a re-purposed lumber manufacturer and reclaimed wood supplier. Backed by their many years of experience and skilled craftsmanship, End Grain customizes flooring, tabletops, and wall art to the requests of designers, builders and homeowners.

End Grain’s beautiful lumber is reclaimed from the support beams, siding, and flooring of old structures.  Most of these buildings are over a hundred years old and the lumber used in original construction would have been cut from virgin wood. Virgin forest grew very slowly making the grain tighter for a stronger grain structure. The beautiful colors, characters and the rich patina color can only happen with time. This in turn ages the lumber between 300 to 500 years, when it was reclaimed.

Each reclaimed structure is carefully torn down to preserve as much lumber as possible.  Once the lumber is delivered to their shop, everything is done on-site, including cutting, kiln drying and milling.  The rest is up to you to choose the best lumber for your project.

End Grain Design and
Reclaimed Lumber LLC
Holtwood Road
Holtwood, PA 17532
(717) 917-2445
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End Grain Design and Reclaimed Lumber is available for customer consultation by appointment…please call in advance, to ensure availability for your visit.

From the Owner…
“Because of the area we live in, you can almost hear the conversations that took place within these buildings. There is history in every board and a story to be told. There is no better way of telling your story and the history of your creation then by showing off your finished work. Using our years of experience and knowledge, we can help you though the entire process of bringing your design to reality.”


Reclaimed Lumber Gallery…


Plank Flooring Gallery…

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End Grain Flooring Sample Gallery…


End Grain Sample Gallery…

Locust Lumber (Pavers, Slabs, Lumber)…

Well known for its tireless durability and longevity, locust lumber is ideal for “green driveways” that are made of locust pavers that are cut to 4″ x 4″ x 3″ and 4″ x 4″ x 6″ pieces.


Price Sheet…

PLEASE NOTE…All Prices are subject to Change.

Recovery Services…


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