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Katie’s Kitchen…Authentic Amish Cooking
200 Hartman Bridge Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-5333
Whether you are a Lancaster County local or a PA Dutch Country visitor, an authentic amish cooking experience awaits you at Katie’s Kitchen.  When  you stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your appetite for good home cooking will be fully satisfied until you next visit.  After you finish with desert, if the weather is suitable, take a few minutes to stroll through the kitchen’s adjacent grassy knoll with full grown willow trees.  Are the kids along?  Let them work off some of their energy at the playground area.

Dienner’s Country Restaurant
2855 Lincoln Hwy East
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-9571
If you like local PA Dutch cooking that is authentic, you will be thrilled to experience Dienner’s Country Restaurant.  Whether you stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the food is always fresh-made and delicious.  You can choose from their reasonably priced buffet or order from their choose-what-you-like menu.  Savor your food in the down-home peaceful atmosphere that is hosted by the Dienner family and keeps both the locals and visitors to Lancaster County coming back again and again.

Zook's-Homemade-Chicken-PiesZook’s Homemade Chicken Pies
3194 Harvest Drive
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-0239
Surrounded by Amish farmlands in the heart of the PA Dutch countryside, Zook’s Homemade Chicken Pies uses special mouth-watering recipes that are making their beef, chicken, and sausage pies more famous with each passing year.  You are always invited to stop by the Zook’s retail store to stock up on these quick and easy meals that are tasty and nutritious more info...too!  In addition to meat pies, Zook’s has a nice selection of specialty food items, including beef and chicken stock.

Uncle Leroy’s…two Locations
226 Gap Road
Strasburg, PA 17579 (717) 288-2557
38 S Willowdale Rd, Suite 310
Lancaster, PA 17602 (717) 617-2088
There’s always something cookin’ at Uncle Leroy’s, which is an amazing locally owned and family operated hidden gem.  At any given time, you can watch as they whip up and handcraft small batches of sweet handcrafted goodness…fresh fudge, caramel corn, nut brittles, chocolate dipped candies, and other tasty treats.  If you enjoy premium ice cream, you will love the varieties of Leiby’s at Uncle Leroy’s…served in cones, dishes, and creamy milkshakes.  Browse through the wide selection of local foods made in Lancaster  more infoCounty, including preserves, jams & jellies, old-fashioned candies, and so much more.

Michael's Breads SummaryMichael’s Homestyle Breads
417 Georgetown Road
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-6368
With a reputation that extends far beyond the borders of Lancaster County, Michael’s Homestyle Breads has captured the loyalty of thousands who have simply sampled the amazing goodness of their hand-moulded fresh baked goods.  From their signature cinnamon raisin bread to newly add garlic rye rolls, from their melt-in-your-mouth sticky buns to honey whole wheat bread…you will love their distinctly fresh and ingredient rich varieties.  Throughout the week, you can visit Michael’s at their made-from-Picture 4scratch bakery and at local farm markets.

Dutch Haven Shoo Fly Pie Bakery
2857A Lincoln Hwy, Rte. 30 East
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-0111
As the “place that made shoo-fly pie famous,” Dutch Haven Shoo Fly Pie Bakery & Gift Shop welcomes visitors to its historic landmark destination.  Join with the generations who make sure to stop by for a pie (or two) every time they visit PA Dutch Country. Browse their gift and furniture shop for a wide selection of authentic and unique Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.35.27 PMLancaster County made products that make perfect keepsakes and gifts for friends and family.

Olde Heritage Homemade
Root Beer & Gift Shop
3217 Old Philadelphia Pike
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-8875
Located on an Amish farm in the middle of PA Dutch country, Olde Heritage Homemade Root Beer & Gift Shop  is a hidden gem that offers the best in homestyle root beer, market fare creations, and locally handcrafted gifts. If you value authentic and appreciate unique, you will enjoy the nice selection of olde hertiage root beeraccessories, décor, and notions that match your preferences and personality.  Enjoy home baked goodies, local honey, and a variety of savory preserves.

Myer Springdell FarmMyer Springdell Farm
Pasture Raised Beef
1955 Beaver Valley Pike
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 806-1882
Located on 30 picturesque acres of unspoiled farmland in the heart of Lancaster County, Myer Springdell Farm is your local source for USDA-inspected, pasture-raised beef.  If you appreciate the tasty and tender qualities of grass-fed beef and if you prefer to eat meat without hormones or antibiotics, then you will thrill with your every field-to-table purchase from this unique hidden gem.  All purchases of beef are by special order only and are available through pMyer Springdell Farm more infoick-up or local delivery.  Monthly bundles are also available.

Quiet Haven MotelQuiet Haven Motel
2556 Siegrist Road
Ronks PA 17572
(717) 397-6231
Nestled in the heart of Lancaster County’s Amish farmlands, Quiet Haven Motel has been providing clean, comfortable accommodations on a well-maintained countryside property for over 40 years.  While numerous lodging chains have come and gone since it first opened its doors, family owned and operated Quiet Haven has remained true to its name, offering a welcoming environment for appreciative guests who have Picture 4been returning to this hidden gem, year after year, for successive generations.

Beaver Creek Farm Cabins
2 Little Beaver Road
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-7745
Are you looking for a place where you can disconnect from the frenetic pace of everyday life? Are you ready to reconnect with family and friends? Then you are invited to discover Beaver Creek Farm Cabins, surrounded by picturesque Amish farmlands in the heart of Lancaster County.  Imagine a relaxing stay in one of 10 cozy cottages, situated along a rolling hillside of lush green grass and a captivating vista of majestic trees.  Replace the soundtrack of afternoon rush hour traffic with songbird serenades and the Picture 4occasional whistle of steam locomotives at nearby Strasburg Railroad.

Lancaster county amish campgroundFlory’s Campsites, Cottages, & Guest House
99 N. Ronks Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-6670
Surrounded by Amish farms in the heart of Lancaster County, Flory’s Campground is clean, quiet, and relaxing.  Whether you bring your RV to a campsite, stay in a cottage, or rent a room in the guest house, Flory’s is your home away from home during any visit to PA Dutch Country.  Join with the guests who return to Flory’s each year, knowing they will enjoy the serenity and sense of community that this locally owned Picture 4and family operated destination is so well known for.

Pebbles & Lace 
11 E. Main Street
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 572-3050
Featuring the unique designs of creative artisans and showcasing the imaginative works of skilled crafters…Pebbles & Lace Boutique is a must-visit destination for discerning shoppers.  Located near the center square of historic Strasburg, this hidden gem is committed to making an inviting environment, creating friendships, and promoting local artisans and crafters whose creations make up about sixty percent of the shop’s merchandise.  Stop by the shop often because their eclectic varieties are always changing and their base of featured artisans is ever-expanding.

The Lil’ Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm 
246 Paradise Lane
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-8237
Located on a local Amish farm near Strasburg, The Lil’ Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm is a place of discovery and fun for every age.  From the famous homemade root beer & home-grown blackberry juice to locally made quilts and crafts, their country store is filled with delicious treats and captivating gifts. Step into the Stoltzfus woodworking shop and observe where all their custom frames are made.  Enjoy a free, self-guided tour of the clean and easily Picture 4accessible barn that is home to their friendly miniature horses that love to be petted.  Saddle and cart rides are available.

Blue Dandelion by Tiffany  Blue Dandelion by Tiffany Strasburg PA
2 East Main Street
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 288-2171
Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for that someone special in your life or hoping to add just the right accents and splashes of color to your home’s next makeover, Blue Dandelion by Tiffany is a must-visit boutique destination for amazing finds that are creatively antique & chicly vintage. You will find plenty of items that suit your fancy and discover unique creations you never knew existed. Everything sold is heirloom quality and will gather memories for generations to Blue Dandelion Strasburg PA come.

Country Road Flowers Intercourse Lancaster County PACountry Road Flowers
Country Road Flowers
3546 W Newport Rd (Rte 772)
Ronks (Intercourse), PA 17572
(717) 768-8478
Nestled behind the Stoltzfus home, just outside the Village of Intercourse, you are warmly welcomed by Mary to Country Road Flowers.  Upon entering this eclectic home decor shop, you will be embraced by a full range of sensory delights…eye-catching silk flower arrangements, aromatic long-lasting candles, cuddly soft home accents…all of the available selections have enduring quality and tasteful appeal.

Fisher’s Soap Shop
89 Pond Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-0707
Fisher’s Soap Shop is a hidden gem that is worth taking the time to find and experience firsthand.  Located on an Amish farm in the heart of PA Dutch country in Lancaster County, all of the soaps are homemade  ”on-the-farm” by the Fisher family.  Featuring a full range of soaps including herbal, scented, and loofah varieties, plus milk based lye, gardener’s soap, and oatmeal bars…everything sold at Fisher’s is natural More info...and contains first quality ingredients.

Carriage House Furnishings Carriage House Furnishings Intercourse PA
3572 West Newport Rd.
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-8712
Located in the former Lapps Coach Shop in the Village of Intercourse, Carriage House Furnishings is Lancaster County’s Furniture Showroom for Local Craftsmen.  From spacious tables for the dining room to everything you need for furnishing a child’s playroom, from a distinctive collection of living space accents to durable outdoor patio furniture…this hidden gem is a one-stop furniture and accessory shopping destination.  With their network of local woodcrafters, Carriage House will work Carriage House Furnishingswith you in finding a customized solution for unique and “hard to find” pieces.

Homeplace Furniture Strasburg pa lancaster countyHomePlace Furniture
839-A May Post Office Road
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 947-8225
Great deals and lots of varieties await your arrival at HomePlace Furniture, one of Lancaster County’s largest and best destinations for quality used furniture at reasonable prices.  Whether you are needing to add furniture selections for your growing family or just ready to create an updated appearance in the living spaces of your home, this locally owned and family operated store is ready to serve you with non-pressuring assistance.  HomePlace specializes in selling high quality used furniture selections HomePlace Furniture Strasburg PAthat originally sold at high value prices.

Peach Lane Greenhouse 
78 Peach Lane
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-8843 (Ext. 2)
Surrounding by peaceful Amish farmlands in the heart of Lancaster County, Peach Lane Greenhouse welcomes your visit.  In early Spring, stop by for bedding plants, all variety of seeds, planting supplies, pots & containers, and vegetable starts.  In the fall season, Peach Lane carries garden mums and harvest decorations. At Christmas time, return for holiday poinsettias, adding a splash of color to your home.

Good-Harvest-SupplyGood Harvest Supply
336 Bunker Hill Road
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-0980
Located just outside of historic Strasburg, Good Harvest Supply is open year-round and is a fresh market grower of fruit, vegetables, hydroponic lettuce, herbs, and flowers.  From perennials and annuals to herbs and vegetables…your vegetable and flower gardens will be filled with both bounty and beauty.  In addition to a comprehensive variety of plants and flowers, you will find a full selection of gardening tools and landscaping supplies.  Make sure to visit Good Harvest for your seasonal accessories Good Harvest Supply Strasburg more infoand holiday floral décor.

Fisher's-Greenhouse-Strasburg-PAFisher’s Greenhouse
311 North Star Road
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-8720
Fisher’s Greenhouse is committed to providing their valued customers with everything needed for keeping the outside of their house flourishing and the inside of their home attractive and inviting.  Whether you are looking to add vibrant flowers to accent your lush lawn or buying vegetable seeds and plant starts for bountiful gardens, you will be pleased with the wide selection of quality products that Fisher’s is known and appreciated for.  There is something special for every season at this hidden gem…flowers & plant starts in the spring, hanging baskets in the Picture 4summer, mums & harvest decorations in the fall, and stunning poinsettias at Christmastime.

The Old Homestead Farm & Greenhouse Version 2Old Homestead Farm
Farm Stand & P-Y-O Patches
361 Hartman Bridge Road Ronks, PA 17572
208 Herr Road Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 669-1636
Old Homestead Farm & Greenhouses has captured the loyalty of multiple generations of customers who appreciate the best in farm-to-table fruits & vegetables and enjoy the beauty of vibrant springtime flowers & seasonal varieties.  From pick-your-own strawberries at the start of the growing season to beautiful fall harvest decorations, from fresh picked corn in the summer to celery hearts in the late fall & winter…their hidden gem carries the best in fresh and local.  Much of the produce grown on the Old Homestead’s 60 acres is distributed throughout the growing season to grateful members of their CSA. Farm-to-table specialties Picture 4include their famous hydroponic lettuce and tomatoes which are grown on the farm.

Sunny Spot Nursery
434A Newport Road
Ronks (Leola-area), PA 17540
(717) 656-9818
Neslted on an Amish farm in the heart of Lancaster County’s PA Dutch country, Sunny Spot Nursery invites you to join with the many loyal customers who come to this hidden gem each spring and summer for all of their planting needs.  Among the wide selection of annuals and perennials that are available in their greenhouse, Sunny Spot Nursery specializes in growing 18 vibrant colors of calla lily plants. If you enjoy the unique beauty of this exquisite plants, you will want to pay a visit to this hidden gem.  Whether you are new at gardening or are a longtime green thumb, you will appreciative the attentive service and well-informed sunny spot more infosuggestions you will receive at Sunny Spot Nursery.

Perfect Pots Container Garden Center 
745 Strasburg Pike
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 917-8733
Located along Strasburg Pike in the heart of Lancaster County, Perfect Pots is a captivating find that awaits your happy discovery. This hidden gem carries an amazing assortment of pots, planters, and container gardening supplies. They also feature a wide variety of healthy and unique plants, while providing extraordinary customer service for anything and everything relating to your flower pots and gardening needs.  Whether you’re a gardening novice or a seasoned green thumb, whether you are looking to buy Picture 4for your home or your business…when it comes to custom container gardening, Perfect Pots is a must-visit destination.

SStrasburg Train Shoptrasburg Train Shop
226 Gap Road (Route 741 East)
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-0464
Whether you are ready to buy a starter train set or have an entire railway diorama in your home, you can be assured Strasburg Train Shop will meet all of your model train and railroad accessory needs.  They maintain a large inventory of starter sets, engines, freight and passenger cars, track, electronics, building kits, scenery materials, detailing parts, paints, die-cast, books, puzzles, and magazines.  Whether you visit the store or shop online, you will find helpful and friendly staff who are ready to assist yStrasburg Train Shop ou with whatever you need.

Barebones Bicycle and Fitness
21 West Main Street
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 288-2201
Located in the historic Borough of Strasburg, BAREBONES Bicycle and Fitness is Lancaster County’s hometown destination for bicycle sales, services, and rentals. They offer the appropriate bicycling choice for every member of your family and are committed to your full satisfaction with every purchase made and each service performed.  This hidden gem specializes in the sBarebones bike shop strasburg paale of moderately-priced new bicycles with quality name brands, along with refurbished and custom-made bicycles.

Fisher’s Quality Furniture Fisher's Quality Furniture
3061 West Newport Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 656-4423
Join with those who have furnished their home with handcrafted furniture that will last for generations to come, when you visit Fisher’s Quality Furniture.  From classic designs to contemporary styles, each piece of custom made furniture is beautifully finished, enhancing the authentic appeal and adding to the unique ambiance of your own home. All of their heirloom quality furniture is finished according to the customer’s choice stain, distressed or crackle paint, hardware, and incorporates any special upFisher's Quality Furnituregrades.

Country Tyme Primitives  Country Tyme Primitves Furniture Ronks PA
393 Newport Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 656-2123
Country Tyme Primitives handcrafts tomorrow’s heirloom furniture, today, with a full range of imaginative options in design and style, their handcrafted furniture reflects aged character with master finishing.  Whether you are installing an island in you newly renovated kitchen or furnishing your dining room, whether you are updating your master bedroom or adding an entertainment center to your family room…everything you purchase from Country Tyme Primitive’s showroom floor is handcrafted and aCountry Tyme Primitiveslways made with careful attention to detail.

Pequea Hinge and Harness
2614 Bachmantown Rd.
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-5255
Pequea Hinge and Harness offers discerning customers a full range of hand forged reproduction and custom-designed interior and exterior hardware pieces…including hinges, latches, handles, fasteners, and more.  Using centuries old techniques, the skilled crafters at Pequea Hinge & Harness use their experience to create customized ironwork pieces that add rich authenticity and rustic beauty to your barn, stables, and other structures.  This hidden gem is comprised of a father & son team that also takes pride in handcrafting harness and polo bridles, as well as a selection of thoroughbred and stallion halters.  They also hand forge custom Pequea Hinge Harnesskitchen cabinetry and museum hardware.

Family Farm Quilts of Shady Maple amily-farm-quilts-of-shady-maple-summary
133 Toddy Drive
East Earl, PA 17519
(717) 354-1771
Featuring timeless styles and showcasing handcrafted creativity, Family Farm Quilts of Shady Maple welcomes the visit of those who appreciate the warmth and beauty of quilts, crafts, and accessories.  They feature a wide range of quilts, each handmade in Lancaster by over 200 contracted Amish and Mennonite ladies who piece, appliqué, and quilt hundreds of their quilts and wall-hangings each year. In addition, they create a wide range of quality crafts that provide the perfect accent to the living spaces in your home.  Whether you are buying for yourself and searching for that perfect gift for someone special, youShady Maple Quilts will be thrilled with the great selection at this hidden gem.

Zook’s Fabric Store
3535 Old Philadelphia Pike
Intercourse, PA 17534
(717) 768-8153
Conveniently located next to Kitchen Kettle Village of Intercourse, Zook’s Fabric Store offers a massive selection bolts of fabric in a vast array of varieties and styles.  With plenty of room to browse, their showroom has been recently remodeled and is carefully organized, making it easy to find just what you’re looking for!  From traditional selections to contemporary trends, you can choose from over a wide range of fabric collections, which are available on location and via easy ordering Picture 4through their online store.

Antique Village of Strasburg Antique Village of Strasburg PA
227 Hartman Bridge Road
Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572
(717) 687-8802
If you are an antique lover with discerning tastes, you will certainly appreciate the unique varieties and captivating styles from yesteryear at Antique Village of Strasburg.  With an eye for authenticity and quality, everything is hand-selected by their committed family of 35 dealers. Their friendly staff is always willing to provide assistance and take pride in keeping the showrooms neatly organized.  Are you a do-it-yourselfer? You will be thrilled to explore the fast-selling varieties of architectural salvage, from porch pillars to window frames, from shudders to old ladders…join with those who appreciate reclaimed anAntique Village of Strasburg PAd repurposed.

Strasburg Antique Market Strasburg Antique Market
207 Georgetown Road
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-5624
Featuring an eclectic mix of authentic antiques and unique collectibles, Strasburg Antique Market is a must-visit Lancaster County one-stop shopping spot for antique lovers and discerning collectors.  Occupying three carefully arranged floors in a beautifully restored 1898 tobacco warehouse, you will appreciate the diverse collective of 70 independent dealers who participate in this welcoming destination, which is always hosted by friendly associates.  With lots of natural light and plenty of room to browse, customers never have to sort through homemade crafts or cheap reproductions to find the good stuff. Visit soon and find treasures that will Strasburg Antique Marketsuit every taste and budget.

Old Mill Antique Store
215 Georgetown Road
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-6978
Located on the edge of historic Strasburg and aptly named for the 15,000 square foot historic building it occupies, Old Mill Antique Store features the collections of 20 dealers who carry a diverse inventory of quality antiques, unusual collectibles, and well-preserved primitives.  Old Mill offers a wide selection of quality antique furniture pieces, ranging from dining & living room set to armoires, corner cupboards, and much more.  Well-lit and welcoming, the Old Mill is a finder’s paradise that is easy to browse.  With items priced to sell, there is a rotating inventory that begs the more info...quick return of those who love the unusual, the unique, and hard to find.

Main Street Antiques Main Street Antiques Strasburg PA
2 West Main Street
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 598-6694
Main Street Antiques offers an eclectic mix of 19th and 20th Century varieties, including quality selections of china sets, glassware pieces, and textiles.  You will find a discerning collection of framed paintings, prints, and photos that are guaranteed to add an interesting twist of style and stately appeal to the walls of your own home.  Take a step back-in-time and do some department store shopping.  Browse through the store’s wide range of small collectibles, old books, tableware,Main Street Antiques Strasburg PA tools, and more.

Whit’s End Trading Company Whit's End Trading Company Strasburg PA
247 Gap Road (Rte. 741)
Ronks, PA 17572
(610) 209-9456
Whit’s End Trading Company showcases amazing collections of advertising signs, gas pumps, vinyl LP records, die cast toys, model trains, comic books, and much more.  From country to zydeco and all genres in between, join with music aficionados of all sorts who stop by regular to browse Whit’s thousands of vinyl records albums, ranging from Abba to ZZ Top.  In addition to buying and selling well-preserved and restored treasures from yesteryear, they also carry modern Whit's End Trading Comusic.

Bluegate Farm Market
2725 A Lincoln Highway East
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-0941
The freshest homegrown produce and the tastiest homestyle baked goods are sold in the heart of Lancaster County at Bluegate Farm.  This family owned roadside farm market is conveniently located on an Amish farm along Rte 30 and has become a reliable farm to table source for customers who appreciate the best in local.  If you enjoy homemade, you will value their wide selection of preserves, jams, and fresh baked goodies.  If you appreciate delicious, you will be pleased with their variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, ranging from sweet corn to watermelons and so Picture 4much more.

Pop’s Produce Stand  
265 Paradise Lane
Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572
(717) 687-6266
If you appreciate homegrown and fresh-picked, you will love discovering Pop’s Produce Stand, an idyllic roadside market that features tasty fruits and wholesome vegetables, grown right on the farmstead’s fields and gardens.  Located just outside of Strasburg, you can hear the train whistle blowing from the Strasburg Railroad off in the distance.  In addition to the classic produce of Lancaster County, Pop’s Produce offers some more unique options such as their homegrown bell, jalapeño, and banPop's Produce Stand Strasburg PAana peppers.

Busy-Bee's-Farm-Market rinks paBusy Bee’s Farm Market
3378 Old Philadelphia Pike
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-7934
Located on the Fisher’s Amish farm in the heart of PA Dutch country (between the villages of Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse) Busy Bee’s Farm Market always features an ample supply of locally grown fruits and vegetables.  From springtime through fall harvest, you will find the best in seasonal produce selections for great tasting farm to table meals.  As soon as you arrive at the Market, your eye will be drawn to the colorful selection of lawn ornaments that are handcrafted by the Fisher’s.  You will also find a nice variety of locally made art pieces in the crafts shed, along with the more info...Fisher’s own cookbook & story about “growing up Amish.”

Oasis Community Market at Bird in Hand
Meck’s Produce Roadside Market
1955 Beaver Valley Pike
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 786-4713
Meck’s Produce is Lancaster County’s year-round source for the freshest and most flavorful fruits and vegetables…always sold at reasonable, family-friendly prices.  Whenever possible, Meck’s produce is seasonally grown on their 60-acre preserved farm in Southern Lancaster County.  Customers can visit Meck’s at their Central Market location and at their newly opened, year-round roadside market in southern Lancaster County. In addition to their own labeled items and the best in locally grown produce, you will Picture 4find a full range of locally sourced market fare varieties.

Esh Hardware & Farm SupplyEsh Hardware & Farm Supply
64 Clearview Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-8497
Locally owned and family operated in Ronks PA, Esh Hardware & Farm Supply is a one-stop-shop for any houseware, hardware, or farming materials you may need. Nothing quite matches the quality and attentiveness provided by Esh Hardware, making it a popular option over some of the chain hardware stores.  With seven major departments; including Animal/Pet Products, Farm, Household, Outdoors/Lawn and Garden, Tools, Paint, and Generators, Esh Hardware is a reliable find that is sure to impress.

ASI…Advanced Solar Ideas

255 Mascot Road
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 768-0001
ASI…Advanced Solar Ideas carries various products and solar systems which will meet all of your energy needs.  Located in the heart of Lancaster County, ASI offers solutions for power with lighting, ventilation, battery charging, appliances, and more. They are known for their years of experience in the solar market and can provide for all your solar installation, service, and maintenance needs.  Visit their showroom for their many different alternative energy solutions including lights, fans, chargers, generators, and inverters. And ASI advanced solar ideas ronks padon’t forget to visit them for all your solar camping solutions.

MB Harness & Tack  
78A Peach Lane
Ronks, PA 17572
(717) 687-5646
Nestled in the rolling hills of Lancaster County’s southern end and surrounded by peaceful farmlands, MB Harness & Tack is your one-stop destination for custom handcrafted synthetic harness and tack products. They enjoy the reputation of being a premiere supplier of English and Western tack, Standardbred Racing Harness, and Thoroughbred Racing Tack. In addition, they carry handcrafted dog collars, bracelets, and belts.

Country Loft Antiques  
215 Hartman Bridge Road
Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572
(717) 687-7787
Located along Route 896 near Strasburg, Country Loft Antiques features an eclectic mix of quality mid-century antiques and offers a wide range of Americana collectibles. Join with those who regularly stop by to review their huge selection of vintage clothing and a fast- selling collection of architectural salvage items that are located in and around the property’s barn building.

Wishful Things Consignment & Gifts 
356 Hartman Bridge Rd
Ronks, PA 17572
With one-stop shopping for the entire family, Wishful Things Consignment & Gifts is located along Rte 897, between Route 30 and Strasburg. Clothing and accessories varieties include a mix of department store and designer brands labels, all of which is sold significantly below the cost of original retail. Wishful Things also carries the homemade and handcrafted creations, with local artisans featured on a rotating basis.

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