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The culture of Lancaster County is rich and diverse…from the enduring traditions of the Amish lifestyle to the eclectic styles of City dwelling, there is much to be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.  Although tested by the fast pace of modern life, an overall spirit of community and sense of connectedness remains strong.  Thanks to local collaboration and strategic investments, the downtowns of the City and numerous Boroughs have experienced revitalization and growth.   Planned efforts have been made by both governmental and private entities to preserve farmland and a corresponding way of life for future generations.  Although Lancaster County hasn’t been exempt from some suburbia crawl (which is certainly better than suburbia sprawl!), to date, approximately 1,200 farms comprising over 93,000 acres have been preserved.  If you really want to experience the authentic and unique in Lancaster County, take the time to immerse yourself into the communities of which it is made up…attend community events, learn their histories, and get acquainted with the people. 

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