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Stellar Images

The beauty and splendor of glass comes to life at Stellar Images as Craftsman Jack Bishop plies his skill, draws upon his experience, and creates wonderful custom glass designs.  Transform the look of your home, create a logo for your business, enhance the inspiration at your house of worship….the work of Stellar Images creates remarkable transformation in stained glass, leading, etching, bevels, and mirrors.

To the right is the most recent work of Jack Bishop…he successfully restored the stained Tiffany Glass picture of Thaddeus Stevens (survived in a fire of a Federal Building) and will be on display in a shadow box at Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology in Lancaster.

Stellar Images
204 South Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 367-6500

Hours of Operation

Please call in advance for current hours or to make a personal appointment.

About the Craftsman

Why choose Stellar Images?

Welcome to Stellar Images!
Stellar Images specializes in gifts and custom Commissions for the home, business, and place of worship.

Why come to Stellar Images?

Elegant, personal design options.
We work with you to create a piece that expresses your individual style and preference.

Integrity of both products and service.
Your satisfaction is our goal- if you dont like it, you dont have to buy it. Period.

No one else around does what we do!
We use current technology to create the look of traditional stained glass
in a product that embodies remarkable strength, infinite design choices, and UV protection.

Our prices are more reasonable than you think!
Our creations cost considerably less than comparable pieces produced by traditional methods.


Call to ensure we are open or make an appointment prior to arrival.


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