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Elva’s Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery

Elva's Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery Lititz Lancaster County PANestled in the center of an idyllic Lancaster County Elva's Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery Lititz Lancaster County PAfarm north of Lititz, Elva’s Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery provides a relaxing but engaging setting for those who love the beauty and creativity of art.  Artisan Elva Hurst is an extraordinarily talented chalk artist who also excels equally in writing and other artistic mediums.  The Barn serves as gallery, studio, and classroom…this is a real hidden gem, where talents and abilities come to life and find freedom in their expression.
Take a respite from the busyness of life with a visit to the Barnyard!

Elva’s Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery
1519 Brunnerville Road
Lititz, PA 17543
(717) 626-6582

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Our Hours…

Elva’s Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery is open Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. All other visits are by appointment.

About the Artisan…

Elva grew up in a large conservative Mennonite family in Ephrata, PA where she attended a small “one room” Amish and Mennonite school. Art was viewed as frivolous by many of those around her, but that did not keep Elva from etching scenes in between chore on the family dairy farm.
When Elva was in 8th grade her teacher noticed her artistic talent and encouraged her to become more observant to detail. However, 8th grade was the highest level of education Elva’s parents and the school would allow. So Elva quit school to help out on her parents’ dairy farm. In her free time she began to teach herself how to paint.
Elva saved her pennies to purchase art books and spent hours watching other artists at work. Inspired by them, she followed their advice on becoming an artist.

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Our Studio & Gallery…

From prints that are for sale, to classes that are available, to special events…there is always something fun and interesting taking place in the gallery…Click HERE for more information.

Our Classes…

Discover you hidden artistic talents and improve you skill by attending classes that are held in Elva’s Barnyard Art Studio. While painting you’ll enjoy the original farm music of hens cackling, horses neighing, oinks of pigs, song of pigeons and more! Learn about watercolor, pastels, colored pencil art or chalk art classes.  Click HERE for more information about classes.

Our Chalk Art Programs…

As a professional chalk artist, Elva Hurst offers a variety of “chalk talks” to both young and old…Click HERE for additional information.

Our Store…

Check out the great items we feature in our on-line store…Prints, Cards, Books, DVDs, and Games…Click HERE for our store.





Our Photo Gallery…


Our Barn is definitely worth the drive from wherever you are.
Elva's Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery Lititz Lancaster County PA

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