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backyard birding co.

Backyard Birding Co. East Petersburg Lancaster County PAFor casual bird watchers to the passionate Backyard Birding Co. East Petersburg Lancaster County PAornithologist, backyard birding co. is Lancaster County’s one stop shop for every type of birder.

From bulk seed to binoculars, from bird houses to bird feeders, this store is stocked with every thing you need to enjoy your backyard feathered friends.  Owner Mark Wilkerson provides outstanding customer service that draws upon years of experience in ensuring the full satisfaction of his many loyal customers.

If you enjoy watching your backyard feathered friends but haven’t yet equipped yourself to properly feed or identify them, you might be ready to join with the more than 50 million birders in the United States and millions more throughout the world, making it one of the most popular and most rapidly growing hobbies in the world.

backyard birding co.
5519 Main Street
East Petersburg, PA 17520


Our Hours…

We are open are ready to serve all your birding needs…
Tuesday thru Friday, 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 3pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Our Bird Food…

We are fully stocked with all the foods that birds of Lancaster County need and enjoy.  Have questions?  Stop by and we can fill you in on what, when, where, and how to place bird feed that will attract birds to your backyard.

Our Bird Feeders…

We offer a comprehensive variety of feeders and feeding supplies that work best in attracting and feeding the backyard birds in Lancaster County.  From feeders for hummingbirds and finches to feeding stations for migratory flocks, our products are the most durable and weather-resistant.

Our Bird Houses…

Do you want to offer “lodging” to your backyard friends?  We have a wide variety of quality bird houses…designed to attract and comfortably accommodate you targeted bird guests.

Our Binoculars & other Birding Supplies

Are you ready to see your backyard friends up close?  Or are you going on a bird watching hike?  Whether you are a novice or an expert, we have a full range of binoculars and all types of supplies that help optimize the enjoyment of your birding experiences.

Our Birding Books…

Are you ready to identify your various backyard birds?  Do you want to learn more about these fascinating flying creatures?  We have a comprehensive supply of books and guides that will assist you in your journey into birding!










Backyard Birding Co East Petersburg, PAWe are located in East Petersburg and very easy to find…Click HERE for directions.







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