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Brubaker’s Sewing Center

Brubaker-Sewing-Center-OutsideBrubakers-Sewing-CenterFor every sewing enthusiast, whether an aspiring novice or an experienced modiste, Brubaker’s Sewing Center is a one-stop shopping destination that is always worth a drive to the heart of Lancaster County.

Located in  the delightful town of New Holland, Bruabaker’s offers a full line of sewing machines and a wide selection of sewing and embroidery supplies that have attracted a loyal Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 12.35.19 PMfollowing of valued customers who return, again and again.

Brubaker's Sewing CenterBrubaker's Sewing CenterIn addition to their rich tradition of quality products, Bruaker’s has a proven history of reputable repair services for most brands of sewing machines.

Brubaker’s Sewing Center
20 North Roberts Avenue
New Holland, PA 17557
Toll Free (800)466-7315
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Our Hours…

Brubaker's-Sewing-CenterWe are open and look forward to your visit…

Monday – Friday, 8am until 5:30pm
Thursday, 8am until 8pm
Saturday, 8am until 3pm
Our Live Operators are available Toll Free (800)466-7315…
Monday – Friday, 9am until 5pm



Our Story…

Since 1934, Brubaker’s Sewing Center has been building an ever-growing list of loyal customers who can choose from a full line of quality sewing machines and supplies, select from a variety of classes in the sewing arts, and obtain expert repair/maintenance services for both modern and vintage machines.

Click HERE for more information about the history of Brubaker’s Sewing Center.
Click HERE for information about our Pricing Policy.


Our Online Store…

Just because you can’t make the drive to our store in New Holland, doesn’t mean you can’t browse through and select from everything we have to offer.  Click HERE for our online store or choose from one of the online departments below and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75...

    Online Store

Our Ebay Store…

Click HERE to access our Ebay Store and we will ship to you immediately…


Our Learning Center…

Brubaker Sewing Center has a comprehensive resource center ranging from classroom to video instruction…Click HERE to review all of the learning resources that are available.



QR Code Brubaker's Sewing CenterBrubaker’s Sewing Center is easy to find, right in the heart of PA Dutch country…Click HERE for directions.

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